Do I need plans for building control?

Do I need plans for building control?

Work control functions

Construction/Civil Works Integrates, controls and monitors your inspection plan and Quality testing without paper or spreadsheets. Collaborate and avoid communication problems at every stage of the project. Empower your crews by reporting from the field in real time, even offline.

Real Estate Improve the quality and response times to after-sales requests from owners, and transform the process into a positive experience and brand loyalty.    Complete traceability of your processes from construction to post-sales.

Quality 360Connect the field and the office. Quality and productivity togetherPlan your projects and meet your goals, integrating quality control on your site and Last Planner™ methodologies. Identify construction process failures in the field and report them in real time using the Quality Cloud mobile applications.

Quality 365 Connect the field and the office. Quality and productivity together Plan your projects and meet your goals, integrating quality control on your construction site and Last Planner™ methodologies. Identify faults in the construction process in the field and report them in real time using Calidad Cloud mobile applications.

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A civil work is the infrastructure designed for the population. It can be roads, bridges, dams or the sewage system; but it can also be the reform or rehabilitation of infrastructures. These are necessary interventions to guarantee the structure of our cities and towns. As members of society, we citizens benefit directly from these types of works. They are essential for us to enjoy a high quality of life. If you want to know more about it, stay tuned. In addition, we recommend that you take a look at the Expert Master’s Degree in Project Control and Construction Works and focus your professional future towards the civil engineering sector.

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It is not always easy to classify the different types of existing works. The best we can do is to differentiate between horizontal and vertical works. Horizontal works are those that are built on the surface, joining two fixed points. They can be read on the X axis of a Cartesian plane. On the other hand, vertical works are built from a point on the surface upwards. In turn, we can divide these two types of works into different subtypes.

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The staking out of construction sites is a basic process in any construction. On the plans, everything may seem perfect, but it has to be brought to reality so that it can remain so. This avoids unpleasant surprises during and after a construction site. If you want to know more about it, stay with us. Also, if you want to work in the construction sector, we recommend that you start by taking a look at the Postgraduate Surveying Assistant.

This work consists of transferring the measurements and other elements indicated in the plans from these to the land where the work is going to be executed. To do this, you can use topographic instruments such as stakes, billets, nails or stretchers. And you must use as reference the own bases of that land.

However, when you are carrying out a large work, it is advisable that you install intermediate bases. These allow you to plan the staking out work more accurately. In short, this step guarantees you a better control of all the subsequent work to be carried out on the site.

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– Identify the causes that originate the need for a project, such as: modification of the environment, development policy, modification of the characteristics of the demand and requirement of new infrastructures.

(3) Identification of solutions. In this stage, all possible solutions to solve the problem raised in the previous stages are identified. In the first stage, solutions are proposed at the conceptualization level, giving priority to imagination rather than restrictions.

(6) Financing.  Once the technical project has been decided upon, it is important to consider the financing aspect, i.e., how the expenses incurred in the materialization of the project will be paid. The financing may be the company’s own or through a loan.

– Control, which compares what has been done with what should have been done according to what was programmed and specified. This control may be internal (or self-control), external (usually contracted by the client) or both.

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