Do I need an architect for Building Regulations?

Architect to design house

b) All interventions on existing buildings, as long as they alter their architectural configuration, understanding as such those that have the character of total intervention or partial ones that produce an essential variation of the general exterior composition, the volumetry, or the whole of the structural system, or have the purpose of changing the characteristic uses of the building.

Under these conditions, all building work requires a project. In colloquial jargon, we sometimes speak of minor works and major works, differentiating those works that do not require a project (minor) from those that do (major). These concepts are not included in the current law, so it is more correct to speak of works that need a project and works that do not.

However, the fact that a work does not require a project does not mean that it does not need to be communicated to the city council and the presentation of different technical or urban planning documents. We are going to analyze one by one the three sections of the LOE that specify when the project is necessary:

House construction rules

Hello construction people, welcome to a new post.From the time you have an idea until you finally build it there are a series of steps, which I will share with you so you can embark to your destination with the information that will keep you on the right course.

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Everyone in the country, if we want to build we need to go to the Dirección de Obras Municipales (DOM) to request a permit.    This is achieved by submitting a project with all the necessary information describing the construction, and based on this the DOM reviews whether or not the applicable construction standards are being met. If they are complied with, then the project is approved and the owner is granted the BUILDING PERMIT.

Now, once your project is completely built, you must go again to the DOM to request what is known as DEFINITIVE ACCEPTANCE, in which an official of the DOM inspects the work to confirm that it was built as indicated in the approved project and, if everything is in order, the corresponding Certificate of Final Acceptance will be issued, thus culminating the municipal procedure and in general the entire construction process.

An architect is necessary to build a house

The technical project is essential to obtain the permission to carry out a work. It is an obligatory document so that the Town Hall where the work is to be done can grant the building permit, and in turn the contractor can draw up the budget knowing the actions to be carried out in detail.

The works that do require a technical project are those that involve the structure of the building, such as new construction works, rehabilitation works for a change of use of the building, structural interventions, reforms or extensions that involve modifications to the exterior composition of the building, and modifications that involve changes to the facades.

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The technical project must be drafted and validated by an architect, although it can also be signed by technical architects or engineers. In addition, the documentation must also bear the stamp of the Colegio Oficial d ‘Arquitectos.

Do you have to carry out works in your building and you need to know if you need a technical project? Do you have to present the technical project to obtain the building permit to your municipality? Contact Ecopime.

Who makes the plans, the architect or the engineer?

You are here: Home1 / ▷Can a house be built on rural or undeveloped landCan a house be built on rural or undeveloped landIn this entry we will try to answer whether a house (traditional, prefabricated, modular, etc) can be built on rural, undeveloped land, as well as the different alternatives that can be had on this type of land.

The objectives of establishing a land as rural or undevelopable are precisely the preservation of its nature, so we cannot build anything on this type of land that is not related to the development of a permitted activity and with the corresponding license (agricultural activities, mining, etc.).

In all the following cases, it must be taken into account that it depends on the applicable local and regional regulations, as well as the degree of protection of the land in question. It is not the same to want to build on a plot of land in the countryside than in the middle of a protected natural park.

As you can imagine, it is difficult to make such a small shelter habitable or to have a plot of land of so many square meters to be able to build a house with all the permits in order.

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