Can you throw away electronics?

Can you throw away electronics?

Where to recycle TVs 2020

In other words, if it is an object that is powered by batteries or plugged into an electrical outlet, it is an EEE. Also included in this group are devices necessary to generate, transmit and measure such currents and fields.

For example, refrigerators, washing machines, televisions, consoles, electric drills, cell phones, tablets or computers are appliances of this type. These are objects that are widely used and, likewise, frequently discarded. When they stop working, they become WEEE (waste electrical and electronic equipment).

There are many other options, since, being an old device, you can experiment with it without fear of breaking it. Therefore, before taking it to a clean point, try to give it a second life and reuse this device.

Where to dispose of electronic waste in Cordoba 2021

FIXED CLEAN POINTSA clean point is a place where neighbors can dispose of certain types of household waste free of charge so that they can receive a recycling treatment and thus avoid polluting the environment.The waste that citizens can deposit in a clean point are:The waste that citizens cannot deposit in a clean point are:All this waste must be taken to an authorized manager. To find out where to take them you can consult the List of Authorized Managers that are managed by the Government of Aragon.more informationMOBILE CLEANING POINTS

Where to dispose of electronic waste in Capital Federal

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These wastes may contain elements such as cadmium, lead, lead oxide, antimony, nickel or mercury, all of which are toxic and pollute rivers, lakes and seas, and emit gases into the atmosphere that cause imbalances in ecosystems.

Change the trend of consuming this type of devices and try to alleviate the life of those you have at home or, for example, the screen of a computer that no longer serves you can connect it to another device, as well as a mouse or keyboard, or opt for those devices that are environmentally friendly.

In Mexico City there is the Reciclatrón, a monthly event organized by the Secretary of the Environment (Sedema) of Mexico City in different points of the capital, where the collected devices are taken to a recycling company in Tijuana.

Where to dispose of electronic devices

All electronic devices are manufactured with components that are not biodegradable at all, but are also, in many cases, highly polluting, such as batteries. That is why it is essential that we learn the importance of disposing of them properly.

If you are concerned about the environment, the best thing you can do is to finally sort out that drawer full of cables, cell phones that do not work and old chargers. Then, take everything you decide to throw away to the nearest clean point.

Through the website of the Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU) it is possible to locate the clean point closest to your home. It is also possible to check with your local council where you can take your electronic waste and, for larger appliances, such as computers and televisions, most councils have a collection service. To find out when it is possible to leave them on the street, you will need to speak to your local council and arrange a specific timetable.

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