Can you swim in the cenote at Chichen Itza?

Can you swim in the cenote at Chichen Itza?

Maity swam in the sacred cenotes of the Yucatan Peninsula.

A new attraction of the Xichén Deluxe tour that you can’t miss is the visit to the most beautiful cenote in Yucatán, Cenote Tsukán. This is one of the three stops you will make on the tour: a magical cenote, a wonder of the world and an exquisite culinary experience in a colonial town.

Cenote Tsukán is named after the serpent that guards the Mayan waters. Don’t worry, the most you’ll see are little fish.  The dzonoot or cenotes were sacred places for the Mayas, it is said that they were considered passages to the underworld. Today they are a natural attraction in our country.

In fact, the first thing you have to do before entering Cenote Tsukán is to take a cold shower. This is to clean any impurities or creams on your body, including sunscreen. So I recommend that you put it on after swimming in the cenote, as it is necessary for the rest of the Xichén Deluxe tour.

More than a recommendation, the use of a life jacket is to respect the rules. Remember that some cenotes are very deep. In this case Cenote Tsukan is between 54 and 58 meters deep.

Cenotes of Yucatan, here the most impressive ones

The first time I swam in a cenote was an incredible experience, I had seen many pictures and heard different stories, I knew that in some of them the water was very cold and that they are very deep but I had not been able to live that adventure by myself, when I finally had the opportunity, I realized that everything I had been told was true, it is inexplicable the feeling of the body floating, with the cold water that you forget because you are enjoying the moment and above all the energy that you feel in those places so big and impressive.

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The Yucatan Peninsula is full of wonders that go beyond its great history, its delicious food, its incredible traditions and the warmth of its people, hidden among the jungle you can find the cenotes that are always waiting for you to take the first leap into the depth of its crystal clear waters, as I was saying, I had seen many pictures and had marked the best cenotes to get to know them little by little, I thought it was very selfish not to share it with you, the best adventures are the ones that are shared, so here I leave you a list of the best cenotes in Yucatan.


Mexico definitely has an endless number of wonderful places worth knowing, among them is the Sacred Cenote of Chichen Itza, a place full of magic that has a great history, like many other sites in this country. Learn a little more about this incredible place.

The Yucatan Peninsula is basically a plain of stone, and water penetrates the subsoil, which results in the formation of rivers, streams and pools known as cenotes. These cenotes can be completely covered, have a sinkhole or be totally exposed; which is the case of this Sacred Cenote.

For the Mayas of Yucatan, water was totally sacred and they believed that “Chac” (the name by which the Rain God was known, as they called him) lived at the bottom of this cenote and was feared by many and worshiped by others, since he had the ability to produce drought or the vital force of water.

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One of the many beliefs of this Mayan population was that they believed they could talk to their ancestors and to the gods of the underworld, how? Simple, by offering them sacrifices in the cenote! Most of them went to the place to ask for good rains and harvests, as well as health and fortune.

Diving in cenotes of the Mayan Riviera in Mexico

4- Dive in “The white cave”: Cenote Sac ActunSac Actun, or also called “The white cave”, is one of the best cenotes in Mexico, although not so well known.  Located only 25 kilometers from Tulum, and next to Cenote Dos Ojos (which we will see later in this article), it is one of the most prized by diving enthusiasts from all over the world, and this is because the Riviera Maya has the highest concentration of subway flows in the world.  Expert divers come to live this adventure of passing through rocks, with narrow passages and incredible views. The magical rock formations will make you feel like you are on another planet.  Currently the entrance fee is $35 dollars.

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