Can I change a deputy?

Can I change a deputy?

What are the pros and cons of parliamentary immunity?

The PP prevented Amaiur from having a parliamentary group because it did not reach 15% of the votes in one of the four constituencies in which it ran, specifically in the constituency of Navarra where it obtained 14.86%. Celia Villalobos justified this by saying that “we would be making a terrible mistake if we treated Amaiur differently”.

However, in 2004 ERC had not reached 15% of the votes in the constituency of Barcelona, where it obtained 14.09%, but the PP defended at that time that the Catalan party should obtain 15% in all the constituencies and ERC had a parliamentary group.

Parliamentary immunity examples

Parliamentary immunity is not a personal privilege of deputies, but guarantees that a deputy can freely exercise his or her mandate without being subject to arbitrary political persecution. As such, it is a guarantee of the independence and integrity of Parliament as an institution.

If the relevant national authorities request the European Parliament to waive the immunity of a Member (or a request by a Member or former Member to defend his or her immunity), the President of Parliament shall report in plenary session that he or she has received the relevant request and shall refer it to the relevant parliamentary committee, which is the Committee on Legal Affairs.

The committee may request any information or explanation it deems necessary. The deputy in question shall also be given the opportunity to be heard and may submit any appropriate documents or other written evidence.

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Behind closed doors, the committee will adopt a document recommending that the Parliament as an institution approve or reject the request, i.e., to waive or maintain the immunity of the deputy in question. During the plenary session following the committee’s decision, Parliament shall take a decision by simple majority. After the matter has been put to the vote, the President shall immediately communicate Parliament’s decision to the Member concerned, as well as to the competent authorities of the Member State in question.

Argentine parliamentary immunity

In the Westminster System Parliaments, which usually have two opposing benches, the expression “cross the floor” is used to refer to defectors, who literally change benches if they move to sit with the opposite party.

Some consider, as in the military field, that there is a betrayal in this, thus considering the defector almost as a synonym of traitor, but for others it is representative of a political resurgence, even almost like a convert, as in the religious field. The phenomenon of political transfuguism can be analyzed through the theoretical schemes of Albert O. Hirshmann, Guillermo O’Donnell, Josep M. Colomer, Joy Langston and Josep Reniu Villamala.

For the purposes of this Agreement, defectors are understood as local, regional and state representatives who, betraying the political subject (political parties, coalitions or groups of electors) that presented them to the corresponding elections, have abandoned the same, have been expelled or deviate from the criteria established by their competent bodies.

Rules of Procedure of the Congress of Deputies

Resignation is a voluntary act that allows a person to disaffiliate from a political party in which he/she is registered. It can be submitted either to the President of the political party or to the Director of the Electoral Service.

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We will notify you through the e-mail that you have indicated us the result of your resignation. In addition, the information will be available at our regional addresses, which will be updated on a monthly basis.

I also inform you that each request submitted must take into account the processing and internal administrative work time (maximum of 5 working days from the day following its submission or sending via Internet) to which each request received must be submitted. Notwithstanding the foregoing, your waiver will be registered, for all purposes, as of the date of its submission.