Can David Lloyd members use Harbour club?

Can David Lloyd members use Harbour club?


Ya sea en el Club o en @home, saque el máximo partido a su condición de socio con la aplicación Harbour Club. La aplicación oficial de Harbour Club es compatible con el iPhone y el iPod Touch (iOS 13 o posterior) y es de descarga gratuita. La aplicación está disponible en francés, holandés, español, catalán, francés, alemán e inglés. Los socios del club pueden utilizar la aplicación para reservar pistas, clases y sesiones de entrenamiento personal y gestionar su membresía, así como acceder a nuestra amplia gama de entrenamientos bajo demanda. Las características incluyen:

El desarrollador (David Lloyd Leisure) indicó que, entre las prácticas de privacidad de la app, puede incluirse el manejo de datos que se describe a continuación. Para obtener más información, consulta la política de privacidad del desarrollador.

Yasna Evelyn

P. For those who don’t know the firm: how do David Lloyd clubs differ from others of its style? A. David Lloyd clubs are characterized by being premium, family-oriented clubs with a full range of sports, relaxation and social activities.

Q. Which are the most popular? A. The balance between all the activities means that everyone has a place in our clubs. At all times there is an activity that fits your profile. However, with the pandemic, outdoor activities have become more relevant. That is one of the great attractions of our facilities. Having large outdoor spaces, where we have been able to move some of the activities that were previously done indoors, has allowed us to offer our members greater safety, comfort and quality of service.

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P. You have a total of 1,100 tennis and paddle tennis courts, 400 badminton and squash courts, 330 swimming pools, as well as a spa, social rooms, children’s clubs and nurseries. What did these centers acquired from the Áccura Group offer that convinced you, or in other words, what are you looking for in your clubs: the location, the square meters…? A. In addition to excellent locations, these three clubs are the highest quality in their area of influence, offering sports, wellness and social services to their members in a top quality environment. This fits perfectly with David Lloyd’s philosophy.


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