Can CHC funding be topped up?

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In a press release, Coto has branded as “paripé” the agreement “between the socialist administrations of Areces, as president of Asturias, and Cristina Narbona, as Zapatero’s Minister of Environment, and the Hydrographic Confederation presided by Marquínez”.

He recalled that at that time no funding was set for most of the new actions, “as it did not have the appropriate retention of credits so that it could be considered as an agreement and not as a mere Protocol as a declaration of intentions, which is what it really was”.

“It is urgent to declare of General Interest of the State the 19 sanitation actions that were contemplated in the Annex for works in municipalities integrated in the Natura 2000 Network with less than 20,000 inhabitants included in the Sanitation Master Plan of the Principality of Asturias, which we will demand both in the JGPA and in the Congress”, concluded the president of Foro.

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No, because seven (7) calendar days must elapse to verify that it meets the necessary conditions and make it effective as a means of payment and credit it to the CAJA accounts. Once the above has been verified, the certificate may be issued.

No, Article 74 of CAJA’s Constitutive Law establishes the obligation of employers and independent workers to be up to date with CAJA; in this sense, in order to issue the certificate, the applicant must not have any debts in arrears in any of its insurance modalities (employers and independent workers).

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These are charged in order to cover the average institutional cost of processing and formalizing an agreement or payment arrangement, in accordance with technical criteria issued by the administrative authorities.

Recoverability studies are requested in order to determine whether it is convenient for CAJA to formalize a payment agreement or continue with the judicial process. In the event that the study indicates that the recoverability in the judicial process is low (due to the fact that there are no assets, the debtor’s assets are not subject to seizure or they are subject to other encumbrances), it is more beneficial for the Institution to formalize a payment agreement, in accordance with the Regulations for the formalization of arrangements and payment agreements for Social Security obligations, than to continue with the judicial process.

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As part of this initiative and as part of the “Restoring Lives, Fighting Diarrhea” program, Sanofi CHC and Save the Children are working together to positively impact more than 6,000 families in vulnerable communities in Mexico City and the State of Mexico with the Enterogermina Health Convoy, a transport that will bring sanitization kits, educational and recreational activities that seek to amplify the message of handwashing in the prevention of acute diarrhea directly to their homes.

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The skyrocketing electricity bill due to wholesale market prices forces households to look for alternatives to save as much as possible on their bills. For those with fewer resources or who meet certain requirements, the bono social eléctrico provides assistance in the form of discounts of between 25%, 50% and 100% in payments.

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40% for severe vulnerable consumers40% of the bill is discounted for severe vulnerable consumers. In which cases does one fall into this category? One of the following requirements must be met.

A third case is that the consumer or the person living in the household receives a minimum pension, with no other income of more than 500 euros per year, has an annual income equal to or less than the IPREM in 14 payments, 7,908.60 euros.

If, in addition to being a severely vulnerable consumer, they are a consumer at risk of social exclusion, “because they are being attended by the social services of an autonomous or local administration that pays at least 50% of the bill”, according to the Ministry, they will not have to pay the bill. In case of “temporary impossibility” to pay, the supply will not be interrupted.

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