Who was liable for Deepwater Horizon?

Who was liable for Deepwater Horizon?

Deepwater horizon causes and consequences

Because the amount of oil released by the explosion and spill was unprecedented, the use of normal cleanup techniques alone was not effective. In the end, a combination of techniques was used to clean up the waters. Since containment booms had proven ineffective in the open ocean, the state of Louisiana requested government permission to build barrier islands along the coast to protect its coastline from the oil spill. This was called the ‘Louisiana Barrier Island Plan’. However, this plan also did not have the desired results.

The oil spill cleanup efforts were also noticeable by the amount of Corexit that was used. Corexit is an oil dispersant that is also a potential cancer-causing agent. However, BP decided to use it to clean up the waters after the blowout and, in an experimental move, decided to inject Corexit directly into the wellhead. This resulted in underwater plumes of oil that can be seen even today. Although some 1.84 million gallons of Corexit were used, its effects were dismal and the toxicity of the oil spill increased by at least 52 times due to its unrestrained use. Booms and skimmers were also deployed early on to contain the spread of the oil.

Aftermath of the Deepwater Horizon Explosion

Lamar McKay, who at the time of the Deepwater Horizon explosion and leak was president of BP America (now in charge of global exploration and production operations), was questioned in court by lawyers for the two contractors.

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A lawyer for Halliburton testified at the hearing that he had proof that BP had misinterpreted that the cement seal on the well was defective, and that it was sufficient to have corrected it so that the accident would not have occurred.

However, he also defended BP’s internal investigation into the spill, which brought to light mistakes made by rig workers and poor decisions allegedly made by contractors.

BP has already agreed to pay $4.5 billion in damages for criminal charges, and $7.8 billion to businesses and individuals affected by the spill. But it could face new fines of up to more than $17 billion for pollution and violating the Clean Water Act.

Deepwater accident horizon

The charges come after BP agreed with the U.S. government to plead guilty to the 2010 spill. The Gulf of Mexico suffered for 87 days the spill of an amount of oil equivalent to 4.9 million barrels.

On the basis of this agreement, which must be endorsed by the courts, BP has agreed to pay 4.5 billion dollars (about 3.5 billion euros), which will be added to the tens of billions already spent in response to the disaster. The $4.5 billion includes a fine of $1.256 billion, the largest in U.S. judicial history.

Holder acknowledged that BP’s guilty plea is “a key step forward,” but warned that it does not mean the end of the criminal investigation into the spill. He also recalled that the talks held between the oil company and the government have not been able to agree on a “satisfactory” figure with which to respond to the civil claims.

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Anchor handling tugs and platform supply vessels battle the fire on the Deepwater Horizon as the U.S. Coast Guard searches for the missing crew.Type

The Deepwater Horizon drilling rig explosion was the April 20, 2010 explosion and subsequent fire on the semi-submersible Deepwater Horizon Mobile Offshore Drilling Unit (MODU), which was owned and operated by Transocean and drilling for BP in the Macondo Prospect oil field approximately 40 miles (64 km) southeast of the Louisiana coast. The explosion and subsequent fire resulted in the sinking of the Deepwater Horizon and the death of 11 workers and 17 others were injured. The same blowout that caused the explosion also led to a fire in the oil well and a massive offshore oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, considered the largest accidental marine oil spill in the world and the largest environmental disaster in U.S. history.[2][3][4][4]

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