Who is the ultimate victim of a False Claims Act?

Who is the ultimate victim of a False Claims Act?

Compensation for false or unreasonable denunciation

In the case of theft or loss of documentation, it is advisable to report the fact to the police to record the fact, in order to have the report presented as an official document.

The large number of cases of identity theft at MoviStar can serve as an example. You only have to go through their support forums to see all the complaints and denunciations in this regard. This shows how important it is to have our data protected to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Digital or Internet phishing can be defined as the processing of personal data without the consent of the owner. In other words, it is a malicious activity in which an attacker impersonates another person. The objectives are various: to commit fraud, to harass, to extort…

Falseness, fraud or image crimes, such as libel and slander, are the most common offenses when a hacker impersonates your identity. And the modus operandi of these usually varies depending on the subject of the attacks.

False report how to proceed

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Counterclaim for false accusation

There is a right of withdrawal when the offer of products or services is made outside the company’s premises, by mail, telephone, television, computer or similar means, or when the offer of services is made in premises prepared to offer such services.

The bodies or entities having competence in the matter, and in their absence the General Directorate of Commerce, which may entrust the Directorate of the Consumer Defense Area with the sanctioning power.

In case of repetition of similar infractions, the publication in newspapers of national circulation of the resolution establishing the sanction may be ordered, if it is proven that it was with intent or that there is a risk to the health or safety of consumers.

The crime of false reporting

If you have arrived here it is probably because you have been the victim of a bad online experience and you want to know how to report a website. Perhaps they have published photographs or personal data of yours without your consent on the Web, or you have been scammed when buying in an online store. First of all, don’t worry, here we are going to explain how to report a website for different types of infractions or crimes.

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One of the main reasons that lead users to report a website is to come across fraudulent websites and fake online sites. These pages can have different purposes, although the most common are to carry out scams related to the sale of counterfeit products or products that do not even exist, or to promise to make us rich with little effort and in exchange for a “modest investment”.

We are more accustomed to phishing attempts reaching us via email, but there are fake websites dedicated precisely to getting us to reveal our personal and banking data in order to steal or even install malware on our computer.