Who are diamond insurance underwritten by?

Mapfre Home Insurance

Whether you travel abroad or you make a domestic trip, having travel assistance will always be convenient for you. Take out your travel insurance with Universal Assistance and travel safely. It will be useful for emergencies and any medical inconvenience you may have during your trip, as well as to protect your luggage in case of loss or delay. There is nothing like traveling with peace of mind and knowing that if something happens to you, you will get the help you need.

For any case of illness, accident or emergency for which you need medical assistance, you will need to contact a Universal Assistance center by phone. In addition, you can get help and advice 24 hours a day by phone or from the Universal Assistance mobile application. You can call as many times as you need during your trip.

Universal Assistance will compensate you financially in case of delay in baggage delivery by the airline. This compensation will be effective if your luggage is not delivered within the first 6 (six) hours after the complaint is made and will be for the amount indicated on the voucher. In case of loss, Universal Assistance will indemnify you for each kilo of checked baggage.

Home Insurance

We are located in downtown Monterrey, inside the Condominio Acero first floor in front of the elevators, with address Calle Zaragoza #1000 on the corner with Ocampo, almost in front of the Municipal Palace. We are open Monday to Friday from 10:00 am. to 7 pm.

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Yes, in Infiniti Joyas we respect your right to data protection, for this reason, we use the highest levels of security to protect your personal and payment information. In addition, with the courier companies that we handle, we provide the highest security in their shipments.

The amount for the shipment to be free must be greater than $3,000 MXN. If the total cost to be paid is less, the shipping cost is $200 MXN. Shipments are made through secure couriers depending on the destination and the price may vary in case it is an Extended Zone.

To make a complete return, you need to have proof that the product arrived defective and was not used. For more information about returns, please go to the Returns and Exchanges section.

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Normally, when a person hears the word “diamond” they imagine a round brilliant cut with its 58 perfectly aligned facets (57 if you exclude the culet facet). However, most of the world’s most famous diamonds are fancy cut. The Bvlgari jewelry collection includes several fancy-cut diamonds, such as emerald, pear, oval and heart. In addition to symmetry, a fancy cut must possess an elegant and attractive style: in short, what the Bvlgari customer calls “visual appeal”. Bvlgari fancy-cut diamonds not only have the right proportion and finish for maximum brilliance and dispersion, but also the right “eye appeal”.

Jewelry insurance

Of course, insuring your jewelry is not mandatory, but if you appreciate these objects, due to their high economic value, it is more than advisable. Even if you have taken out home insurance, if your jewelry is stolen, you will not be compensated for the loss. Specifically, the ideal is to subscribe a specific coverage when the amount of the jewelry exceeds 10% of the value of the content that you have insured. This must be specified:

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Keep in mind that the place where the jewelry is kept also makes the price of the policy cheaper or more expensive. The more anti-theft measures you have at home, the cheaper the insurance will be. And it is not the same to keep them in a safe than in a simple drawer, to have installed video surveillance cameras or not, to surround the property with fences that prevent access to the garden, etcetera.

Sometimes, due to ignorance of the particular conditions of the policy and other times as a consequence of misunderstandings, when the time comes to receive the indemnity, we get an unpleasant surprise. If you are not satisfied with the amount of the compensation, follow these tips: