Which party is responsible for filing a freight claim?

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There is no greater indignation for the consumer than when a company does not deliver, especially when he/she trusts that the product purchased will arrive at the destination, on the date and place agreed for delivery.

So that when you buy a product you know the availability of the item at that moment, if you have the means to move it, or the period in which the item will arrive at your home. This information must be clear, indicating date, price and time of delivery.

Complaints and claims form

A move is a change of life, of plans, of home or an extension of the business premises, or a relocation due to force majeure or by choice. For some, it is an upheaval and for others it is a necessary change, an improvement.

It is the document by means of which the moving company undertakes to transport furniture, household goods, belongings, etc., from one home or from wherever they are to another destination, such as another home, premises or center. In addition to transporting the goods and household goods, the mover is obliged to load, unload and move the objects to be transported.

It is advisable to complain in writing to the mover within 24 hours of the completion of the move. Complaint forms can be requested to fill in and present the white sheet, together with all other documentation (contract, invoices, photos, etc.) at the Juntas Arbitrales de Transporte or at the Dirección General de Consumo de la Comunidad Autónoma to which it belongs.

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EC Regulation No. 261/2004

All companies and establishments that market goods or provide services in Andalusia have a series of obligations related to complaints and claims forms, which are regulated in Decree 472/2019.Labels:

When providing a service or marketing a product, it is important to know how to properly address the complaints and claims sheets that could be filed by consumers and users, as well as to know the applicable regulations and the obligations arising therefrom.

In order to facilitate the access of companies and professionals operating in Andalusia to all the necessary information in this regard, from Consumo Responde has developed a complete guide “Keys to address complaints and consumer claims in your business” (download guide).

By virtue of the Order of February 9, 2015, proceeded to the liberalization in the edition, distribution, marketing and printing of complaints and claims sheets, therefore each company or professional may order them to any printer or acquire them in those establishments that market them. The sheets are no longer sold at the Provincial Consumer Services, so it is no longer necessary to go to the provincial capitals to purchase them.

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EU rules on the rights of ship passengers generally apply to travel on board most ferries and cruise ships by sea or inland waterways (rivers, lakes or canals), provided that the journey:

Throughout the journey, the operator must provide clear and correct information about the service, passenger rights and access conditions for persons with disabilities or reduced mobility. The information must also be available in a format accessible to people with disabilities.

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EU rules also protect you, your luggage, your vehicle and, if necessary, your mobility equipment in the event of an incident at sea. They also establish the responsibility of transport companies in these situations. The rules may apply to those domestic and international sea crossings where:

Prior to the voyage, the transport company must provide you with clear and adequate information about your rights if you buy the ticket in an EU country (or, at the latest, at departure if you are traveling from a non-EU country).