What legal powers do social services have?

What legal powers do social services have?

Community social services

Law 7/85 of April 2, 1985, Regulating the Bases of Local Regime, modified by Law 27/2013, of December 27, 2013, on the rationalization and sustainability of Local Administration. attributes to the municipality competences in matters of “e) Evaluation and information of situations of social need and immediate attention to persons in a situation or at risk of social exclusion”, entrusting the Provincial Councils with a complementary and subsidiary role in municipalities with less than 20,000 inhabitants.

Law 11/86 of November 26, 1986, regulating the relations between the Autonomous Community of Andalusia and the Provincial Councils of its territory, develops the competences of the Provincial Councils, attributing to them a complementary and compensatory role to guarantee the intermunicipal balance and specifically support municipalities with less economic and management capacity.

Decree 49/86 of March 5, 1986, which regulates the Community Social Services of Andalusia, was the legislative reference until the approval of the Community Social Services Law of Andalusia.

Social services andalusia

In primary care, two levels of action are distinguished: basic and specific. Basic primary care is generalist and multipurpose, while specific primary care is characterized by the singularity of the care and intervention required and offered according to the nature of the situations and the intensity of the services provided.

A situation of risk for a minor is considered to be that which, due to personal, interpersonal or environmental circumstances, causes harm to the minor’s personal or social development and/or welfare, without requiring the assumption of guardianship by operation of law in order to adopt measures aimed at correcting it.

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How social services are organized

Social workers help, support and protect people who are vulnerable or at risk of social exclusion, as well as those with social or emotional problems. To this end, they are responsible for planning and implementing social policies and services that can benefit each group.

Among other functions, these professionals are responsible for visiting people in need of assistance in the community to offer counseling, practical assistance and emotional support. In addition, social workers try to provide the people they work with with the tools they need to take care of themselves, in order to promote their autonomy.

Most local authorities have specialized teams of social workers, who carry out interventions related to specific problems or groups of people with certain particularities. For example, a social worker may be part of a team specialized in:

Institutional Social Services

Home / General Director of Social Policies, Children and Families / D. G. of Social Services, Children and Families / Social Programs and Migration Service / 4 Basic Social Services of Social Care

The Basic Social Care Social Services are basic and essential and cannot be delegated, contracted and/or agreed upon. A universal and global attention to social needs guaranteed under the principles of equality throughout the territory.

h) To develop social awareness actions, encourage social participation in the development of community life, promote volunteering and promote networking with institutions and organizations involved in its territorial scope.

k) To participate in the bodies which, in the area of social services, as well as in other areas such as health, education, housing and employment, are created in its territorial area, as determined by regulation.

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For its part, Decree 99/2016, of July 5, regulates the collaboration between the Regional Government of Extremadura and local entities in the provision of information, assessment and guidance of basic social care social services of the Autonomous Community of Extremadura, collaboration to be formalized through the signing of collaboration agreements.