What is TPA in salary?

What is TPA in salary?

Metalworkers’ Agreement 2021

The Committees of MASA, TPA and PREMASA call a strike “after the company’s attempt to get out of the agreement “20M EPNOTICIA08.12. 2021 – 11: 14h The Works Councils of the three subsidiaries that make up MASA, formed by the Federation of Industry, Construction and Agriculture of UGT La Rioja (UGT-FICA La Rioja) and the Federation of Industry of CCOO of La Rioja, have called a strike at MASA on 9, 10, 14, 14, 15, 16, 20, 21, 22 and 23 December, whose management “has initiated a process of withdrawal or non-application of the company agreement with the intention of returning to the sectoral agreement, thus undermining the labor rights of the workforce”.

Line 1 Ministry of Labor

The request to agree on an indefinite ultra-activity which would allow the negotiation of the collective bargaining agreement for the workers of the news services without blackmailing with all the trade unions which are represented in the Works Committee was also rejected.

We remind that the salaries of the workers of RTPA are between 73,000 euros per year for top management contracts and 22,719 euros for management secretaries. The workers of the production companies subcontracted by RTPA have much more precarious economic conditions, and some of them are paid the minimum interprofessional salary.

Self-managed meaning

Companies may extend for one hour the afternoon shift, postponing the closing of establishments at this time, for six days on Christmas holidays, as well as on the eve of Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. They may also extend the afternoon shift on the eve of Epiphany until 10:00 p.m., all these hours being paid as overtime.

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Hardware and sanitation companies and those others which, due to their characteristics, deem it appropriate, may dedicate a maximum of 20 hours per year to the inventory period, balance sheets, fairs, exhibitions, etc. These hours will be paid as overtime.

– The companies are obliged to provide two or more work clothes suitable for the work position, as well as the necessary protective clothing or effects required for the work position.

– The companies undertake, in certain cases, to provide a new job, with identical pay to the one they had, to those who have their driver’s license withdrawn during working hours.

Self-managed companies examples

In order to calculate the Tax on Work Product, or ISR as it is better known today, it is necessary to have a clear understanding of the basic concepts surrounding it. The ISPT is part of the deductions that are subtracted from the base salary of any employee and is a specific type of deduction that is provided for by law.

The exact amount varies for each employee but must be made in payroll on a monthly basis and before the 17th of each month. The ISPT must be deducted from all employees to avoid fines; however, there are exceptions and the employees who do not have to pay the tax are:

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