What is the average settlement for hearing loss?

What is the average settlement for hearing loss?

Hearing Impairment Calculator Argentina

Audiometry is a subjective test, since the result is subject to the answers given by the patient. It allows us to know the degree of hearing loss of a person and to perform a topodiagnosis of the lesion that affects him/her. This technique allows us to measure the auditory thresholds (or liminal levels); to measure hearing at supraliminal level; to measure the detection, recognition and discrimination abilities of oral language.

Initial interview and Anamnesis: This will allow us to form a first impression of the patient’s hearing level and promote good cooperation during the examination. We should investigate all relevant antecedents, such as diagnosed cochleo-vestibular pathology, middle ear pathology, congenital diseases, family history of hypoacusis, work environment, history of exposure to noise or solvents, general morbid antecedents, intake of ototoxic substances, etc. We will also ask the patient which ear he/she hears best. This will allow us to determine the ear with which to begin the examination.

Certificate of disability due to hypoacusis

Therefore, the final compensation will be the sum of the following amounts. Not in all accidents there will be all these amounts to compensate, and in case of concurrence, it is possible that some of them will be reduced since they compensate the same damage.

Responsibility of the employer to complement the social security benefits derived from a temporary or permanent disability, when the accident or illness has been caused by the non-observance of the safety measures.

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In occupations involving risk due to the physical work performed, there is usually an obligation in the collective labor agreement for the employer to take out insurance to cover in the event of permanent disability or death of the worker.

Once the period of time of duration of the temporary injuries has been defined, it is necessary to quantify the personal damages during the temporary injury, which, depending on their seriousness, will be paid in different ways according to the days of temporary loss of quality of life, and taking into account that each day can only be considered as one category:

Table of percentage of hearing loss

When we perform a tonal audiometry, that is, with pure sounds, there is a moment when we are able to identify the sound of the stimulus with the minimum intensity. This is our hearing threshold for that frequency.

The audiometric graph is governed by a consensus when defining decibels. In other words, 0 on the graph is not the absence of sound, but an average of normality has been calculated among audiologically healthy patients, which ranges between 0 and 25 dB on the audiometric graph.

Currently, the degree of disability is calculated according to ROYAL DECREE 1971/1999, of December 23, 1999, on the procedure for the recognition, declaration and qualification of the degree of disability, published in the Official State Gazette of January 26, 2000.

The degree of disability due to hearing loss is calculated by means of a liminal tonal audiometry. The measurement is made by calculating the loss in decibels at four frequencies (500, 1000, 2000 and 3000 Hz), which are the so-called conversational frequencies (i.e., those important for understanding spoken language).

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How much is the hearing disability pension paid?

The incapacity for work due to hypoacusis is a more than frequent reality within the main entities and corporations that make up the business fabric of our country today. This type of hearing impairment is clearly catalogued by our legal system within the occupational diseases regulated in Royal Decree 1299/2006, of November 10 (annex 1, group 2, agent A).

However, regardless of how this type of problem affects any professional in their day-to-day work, hearing problems are a common scenario in contemporary society, even in subjects belonging to the younger demographic segmentation or even the child population.

That is why today we dedicate an article to work incapacity due to hypoacusis, establishing the types of disability due to illness to which problems of this typology could give rise, some statistical data that would support the reality in question as well as various sentences issued by the courts of justice that will allow you to understand what situation you may face during your claim process.

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