What is claim Advisory?

What is claim Advisory?

Online consumer complaint

The Law recognizes the basic rights of consumers and users which are synthesized in the following: right to the protection of health and safety, right to the protection of economic and social interests, right to legal, administrative and technical protection, right to information, education and training and the right to representation, hearing and participation. From there, each of these rights will be developed. However, the normative specification of these rights is not exhausted in this Law; it will be necessary to take into account the legislative developments of other related matters, which also regulate the rights of consumers and users.

Control and inspection is one of the most important aspects of administrative action for the protection of consumers and users, not only because it is an activity prior to and exclusively oriented to the sanctioning procedure, but also because of its preventive functions in the face of risk situations.

The Law dedicates a chapter to the sanctioning regime in which it includes, as a novelty with respect to Law 3/1995, of March 9, 1995, the sanctioning competence of the consumer authorities in all infringements committed in the territory of Castilla-La Mancha, regardless of the domicile or place of the establishment or domicile of the person responsible.

Complaint form

Sometimes, consumers go to the Consumer Attention Office, the Municipal Consumer Information Offices (OMICs) or through the Internet and make claims that cannot be processed.

When you ask for a complaint form in an establishment or from a professional and then take it to the Directorate General of Trade and Consumer Affairs, the OMIC, or deliver it via the Internet, you should know that what you are doing is to go to the administration to mediate with the company to which you are complaining:

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In this case, as the printer was acquired for use in the professional office, it is understood that it is for the exercise of the profession, and therefore, the user is not a consumer. He would have to go, therefore, to the courts of justice.

In this case, the matter exceeds the scope of the competences of the Consumer bodies, due to the possible existence of a criminal infringement, and it is only possible to file the appropriate complaint with the State Security Forces.

Free Consumer Defense Spain

If you need to make a consumer consultation you can do it through [email protected], but if you want to make a claim or a consumer arbitration you must do it through other channels, they are not admitted through the mail [email protected]

Click here to request an appointment for face-to-face attention at the Consumer Attention Office. You will be able to file claims, complaints, consumer arbitration, consult files and request information and advice on consumer matters.

Consumers can contact them to request consumer information, file complaints or arbitration requests, request complaint forms for establishments or professionals, or receive training, among other procedures.

These are private, non-profit organizations whose purpose is to protect and defend the interests of consumers, both in general and in relation to specific products or services.

These organizations must be constituted in accordance with current legislation. Cooperatives formed by consumers whose purposes include the education and training of their members and which have set up a fund for this purpose are also considered consumer associations.

Consumer Service Office

The purchase of products or contracting of services within the national or EU market is always recommended. However, if you purchase a product or contract a service in a country outside the European market (foreign country), it is advisable to be very well informed of the general conditions (for example, in the general conditions of the website), relating to:

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If you have made a purchase or contracted a service from a company or on a non-EU website, the first thing you should do is try to solve the problem directly with the company in question, in order to avoid having to file a complaint later on.