What is a smoke claim?

What is a smoke claim?

What is an outbreak of fire

Rescue. Treat the most seriously injured first. Do not move the victims, only in case of life-threatening situations, to check their breathing or to perform CPR. Keep them warm to prevent loss of body heat and never give them food or drink until the emergency services arrive.

If clothing is caught, lie down on the ground and turn around. If the affected person is another person, cover him/her with a jacket or similar to make the oxygen from the fire disappear and extinguish it.

Collect as much information as possible to be able to transfer it to the toxicological information service (915 620 420) or to 112. Data of the intoxicated person (age, weight, medical history…), identify the product, the amount ingested, the time elapsed and if we know the causes.

Immediate first aid is very important. Monitor breathing and pulse and if necessary initiate CPR. Do not induce vomiting but if it occurs, clear the airway. Place the intoxicated person in a lateral safety position and wait for the arrival of medical services.

What to do after inhaling smoke

This is what we call passive safety, which is integrated in the most advanced safety systems, since they aim to protect users of electrical systems, heating and any electronic component susceptible to generate a fire from carelessness.

Experts recommend following prevention routines, related to bad habits, such as leaving something on the fire (stoves and barbecues account for most domestic accidents) or something as simple as candles near curtains or plastic.    A good idea would be to avoid in the vicinity of frequent fires, materials susceptible to burn in a short time: candles can be inside a glass container, and barbecues should have a cold air draft nearby and a clean filter, to avoid that a spark can cause an unpleasant accident.

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If you have a chimney, check frequently the air intake and the smoke outlet: A bad combustion caused by a lack of care of the ventilation channels, is a very frequent incidence. In addition, if you have an electric or gas fireplace, follow the manufacturer’s care instructions, as these appliances are often used sporadically and accumulate dirt and dust due to lack of continuous use.

Humo en los pulmones síntomas

Tengo un seguro de hogar con garantía de Incendio y en él aparece que estoy cubierto por los daños por humo causados por el fuego. Pues bien, tengo varias dependencias de la vivienda dañadas por el humo de un incendio que se produjo en otra planta de mi edificio y que a través del patio de luces dañó mi vivienda.

Por supuesto que puede reclamar a su Compañía de Seguros. Se trata de un siniestro de daños por humo causado por un incendio y por siniestro entendemos `cualquier daño causado por un acontecimiento súbito, accidental e imprevisto, ocurrido dentro de los términos de la póliza, cuyas consecuencias estén total o parcialmente cubiertas.

En este caso usted ha sufrido un siniestro correspondiente a estas características, por lo que su Cía. de Seguros debe atenderle y luego reclamarle al responsable del daño, pero ese es un paso que le corresponde a la Cía. de Seguros.

What is a fire

A good rule to follow during a home fire drill is to check if everyone can safely get out of the house using the escape routes and be outside and in the same place within 3 minutes. To make it more challenging, you could try some variations, such as simulating that the front door is locked and cannot be used to exit through.

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An evacuation plan can help all family members get out of a burning house. The idea is to get out quickly and safely. Smoke from a fire can make it hard to see where things are. So it is important to learn and remember the different ways to get out of the house. How many exits are there? How can you get to them from your bedroom? It’s a good idea to have your family make a floor plan showing the evacuation plan.

One of the exits may be blocked by smoke or fire, so you will need to know where the other exits are. If you live in an apartment building, you will need to know the best way to get to the stairwell or other emergency exits.

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