What happens if someone damages your car Turo?

What happens if someone damages your car Turo?

Why is a turbo diesel damaged?

If you or a loved one was involved in a traffic accident where you were a passenger, you have the right to file a personal injury claim in order to obtain financial compensation for the pain and suffering that the accident has caused you. The state of California is one of the busiest states in the world and unfortunately, commuters are at risk of being involved in an accident due to the high flow of vehicles on the state’s highways. People riding as passengers are often seriously injured in an automobile accident, in fact, in many cases passengers are more seriously injured than the drivers. Passengers injured in an accident are entitled to seek financial compensation. Many times people are unaware of their rights when they are victims of an accident due to the recklessness of another driver.  At Megeredchian Law we have the best California Passenger Accident Lawyers, our office is at your disposal to help you fight for your rights and help you get the compensation you deserve, if you were a passenger in an accident you can get financial compensation for the pain and suffering the accident has caused you, contact us today and get a free consultation.


It is important, as a driver, that you have sufficient liability insurance coverage, because if you were involved in a serious accident, you could be sued for a substantial sum of money. That is, you should consider obtaining this type of protection above the minimum limits required by the state to protect your assets – such as your home and savings – from lawsuits.

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This is the portion of the insurance that reimburses you for expenses in case of losses other than collisions. That is, in case of theft, fire, earthquake, explosion, flood, hurricanes, vandalism, street riots and even road rage against animals such as birds, deer or livestock.

This part of the coverage is quite extensive and also carries a deductible that can be increased from $100 to $300 or even more, if you decide it is in your best interest to price your insurance in relation to your vehicle.

State law does not require you to obtain Collision or Comprehensive coverage, but if you are financing your vehicle, the lender will insist that you have this type of insurance until you have paid off the car loan.

Turo recommendations

In case of an accident, the first thing to do is to call the rental company. Most of them include a roadside assistance service that usually makes things much easier. It is usually specified in the rental contract itself.

Once all the documentation has been provided, the insurance company will have three months to make an offer for your damages and after-effects. If you do not agree, you can file a claim for compensation by paying the costs of a medical expert and a solicitor.

Can a car run without a turbo

The coronavirus has changed travel plans on a large scale.  Since many travelers are legitimately hesitant to get on a plane at this time, domestic and road trips have been on the rise.

For those who do not own a car, car rentals are necessary.  While there are many traditional car rental options, as well as options for RVs and motorhomes, prices often skyrocket during popular seasons and sometimes the car you want is not necessarily available. For these types of situations, there is an alternative called Turo.

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Whether you’re looking to get out of town in style, get out into nature or simply avoid the line at car rental establishments, Turo, the collaborative economy’s answer to car rental, can be the solution to all your car rental woes. With Turo you can find a car to rent, or rent your own car for other people and earn a little extra money.