What happens if Amazon locks your account?

What happens if Amazon locks your account?

My amazon account was canceled

The message warns the user that their Amazon account has been blocked because “the billing information you provided does not match the information stored from the card issuer”.

To resolve the problem and reactivate the account, the message urges the user to verify their payment information via a button included in the email. It also warns that if this is not done within three days, all orders will be cancelled.  As you can imagine, none of this is true, and the button takes you to a fake page created by criminals to steal your card details. As Maldita.es reminds you, Amazon never asks for personal information by email, and they are always sent from an address that ends in “amazon.es”, which is not the case with this communication, so if you receive this email, delete it as soon as possible and do not follow the link. If you have fallen into the trap, contact your bank immediately to explain what happened and block the affected card if necessary.

Account blocked by amazon security

The biggest nightmare of every Amazon seller is to suffer an account suspension.  Amazon can close your store but the vast majority, unfortunately, is not even aware that this can happen, and when they know it is too late to react and take precautions.

For this reason I will detail the main reasons why Amazon can close your seller account and how to avoid being the next to suffer the tragic consequences. If you prefer the video version, here is Rubén Bastón’s explanation:

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In this type of suspension, Amazon usually initially closes you only from selling that ASIN with problems. You will get a notification and they will tell you that if you fix the situation and ensure that this will not happen again, they will let you sell it again. It is very important that you do not ignore this notice and work to resolve the issue.

Most sellers simply ignore the notice, remove the listing and believe that by not selling the product again the issue is solved. Big mistake. It will only be a matter of time before you have a similar problem on more products before this becomes a serious account suspension. This type of suspension also usually leads to the closure of accounts in all countries where you operate, even if the problem is in Amazon.es your account will be closed in UK, DE, IT, FR, USA … all at the same time (and your balance retained).

What to do if amazon blocks my account

This is what the Police warns from its website, warning of “a mass mailing of emails impersonating an American multinational logistics company”. The modus operandi of this email is based on making us believe that our Amazon account has been blocked for detecting insecure access.

The email tries to get us to enter our credentials again in order to keep them and use our account as it pleases. In addition, by accessing our Amazon account it will also be able to access our bank account and make purchases with it.

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What do I do if my amazon account has been blocked?

If the site is not listed next to the “No pop-ups or redirects allowed” section, click Add. Enter the web address of the site, and then click Add. To capture all pop-ups on the site, use the [*.]example.com pattern.

If you use a Chrome device at work or at an educational institution: Your network administrator can configure the pop-up blocker for you. In that case, you will not have the ability to change the settings. Learn more about using a managed Chrome device.

If pop-ups are blocked on a site you manage, visit the abusive experience report, where you’ll learn if any issues were detected on your site and if you can resolve them.