What does a claims customer service do?

What does a claims customer service do?


All companies and establishments that market goods or provide services in Andalusia have a series of obligations related to complaints and claims forms, which are regulated in Decree 472/2019.Etiquetas:

When providing a service or marketing a product, it is important to know how to properly address the complaints and claims sheets that could be filed by consumers and users, as well as to know the applicable regulations and the obligations arising therefrom.

In order to facilitate the access of companies and professionals operating in Andalusia to all the necessary information in this regard, from Consumo Responde has developed a complete guide to “Keys to address complaints and consumer claims in your business” (download guide).

By virtue of the Order of February 9, 2015, proceeded to the liberalization in the edition, distribution, marketing and printing of complaints and claims sheets, therefore each company or professional may order them to any printer or acquire them in those establishments that market them. The sheets are no longer sold at the Provincial Consumer Services, so it is no longer necessary to go to the provincial capitals to purchase them.

Customer complaints examples

Customer service, or simply customer service, is the service offered by a company to interact with its customers. It is a set of interrelated activities offered by the company in order to ensure that the customer obtains the product at the right time and place and that the correct use of the product is ensured. It is a marketing tool that can be very effective in an organization if it responds to certain institutional policies.

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In customer service[1] we can find what is customer loyalty, which consists of making the customer become a regular customer, to achieve this a series of marketing strategies and techniques are applied. To make customers become regulars we must offer a good product and have a good quality of service, for this we must apply some components: reliability, accessibility, security, and empathy. If these components are achieved, it is very certain that the customer will become habitual and the company will obtain benefits.

Customer complaints and claims

Relationships with your customers are one of the most important things for your company. You could even say that it is the lifeblood of the business (to the point that the main reason your customers leave is that they don’t feel valued).

First of all, it is important not to confuse these two terms. Although at first glance they may seem similar (even synonymous), they are not. Each term implies a very different level of satisfaction (or dissatisfaction).

A complaint lets you know that your products or services or attention did not meet expectations or generated minor dissatisfaction. Therefore, it is an invitation to improve the quality of what you offer in order to prevent the customer from falling out of love with your brand.

Receiving a few complaints is completely normal, however, you should not let this situation pass, because 91% of customers who are unhappy with a brand will leave without even complaining. The best way to avoid this is to stay alert to the different types of complaints that may be presented to you to detect them immediately and provide a solution.

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What is a customer service complaint

What is the way to file a complaint with a financial institution (bank, savings bank). Let’s follow the steps step by step to avoid wasting time and arguments in a possible disagreement, which can go far.

Who more or less, we have all had our differences with our financial institution, even if it is the one we have always had. Sometimes we receive a bad service and we want to record it through a complaint, and sometimes there has been an economic loss, in our opinion because of the entity, and what we seek is that our right is restored, through a claim.

1. Go to your usual branch or telephone the telephone attention service that all the entities have set up. This can solve misunderstandings, miscommunication or even errors of the entity. Ask to be given a more or less specific deadline for the resolution of your problem, and always ask for and write down the names of the people who attend to you. This will help to prevent this phase from dragging on for a long time without results and to avoid evading responsibilities.

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