Is it worth suing someone with no money?

Is it worth suing someone with no money?

How to sue a person for damages

The judgment is not allowed to order the plaintiff to pay the costs of the company’s lawyers, but they could impose a fine if he/she had not attended the conciliation act and/or had acted in bad faith or with recklessness.

For greater guarantees, if the plaintiff lacks economic resources, he/she can turn to a trade union if he/she is affiliated, or can request a court-appointed lawyer with the right to free legal aid.

When there is no controversy in the cases of request for appointment of guardian or curator to be settled in a contentious process, you can go to court without the need for a lawyer or solicitor.

If you are a person entitled to do so, you can file an application to initiate the proceedings with the court of first instance of the domicile of the minor or person with judicially modified capacity. The Judicial Office will provide you with a standardized form to formulate the request.

Along with the application, you must provide all the documentation contained in art. 45 of Law 15/2015, of July 2, of Voluntary Jurisdiction. This article regulates everything related to the processing of the file, its resolution and appeals. Subsequent articles regulate the rest of the elements that make up the institution of guardianship and conservatorship (provision of bail, acceptance and possession of the position, inventory, remuneration, removal, excuse, rendering of accounts).

How to sue a person for threats

The notification of the lawsuit, complaint or accusation will be made personally, and a copy of it and of the resolution of the court, signed by the Secretary, will be delivered to the defendant, accused or accused.

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What happens if the person to be notified is not found on two different days, in his home or in the place where he habitually spends the night, or exercises his industry, profession or employment, the official in charge of the diligence will deliver the copies indicated:

The Judge shall be competent to hear the civil action for compensation of damages for collision or traffic accident or hit-and-run (Minor injuries) provided that it is filed, in a timely manner, within the contraventional procedure.

If it was not filed, if it is out of time or if I did not notify it, I may file it before the corresponding ordinary judge, after the sentence condemning the offender has been executed. That is to say, the competent Civil Court.

How to sue a person in the U.S.

Lending money is often a good deed that turns into a painful situation; especially if you are trying to collect money from a friend or people close to you; that is why you should be clear about who to lend to and who not to lend to.

Don’t be afraid to collect. Why should you be embarrassed or even afraid to collect? Yes, it is difficult, but not impossible. Yes, maybe some people see it badly or feel “ugly”, but the truth is that the fair thing to do is to collect and to be paid if you were promised payment. Remember and remind him (again, subtly and without offending) that you trusted him, that the money did not fall from the sky and that you have commitments to fulfill.

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Be flexible. It’s also not about becoming a financial executioner. If your relative or friend is very stressed and stuck and it is several days past the payment date, be flexible. Talk and establish a new deadline and conditions; you can even reach an agreement and get them to pay you a little at a time.

Explain your feelings or concerns. You can reach your debtor on the “sentimental” side, telling him how bad and uncomfortable it is to have to charge him. You can also tell him that you need money, or how disappointed you feel about his lack of commitment. If he’s your friend or family member, you probably know him and know how to get through to him. It is likely that if he is deferring payment at his convenience, you will make him feel bad and that will motivate him to pay you faster.

Where can I sue a person who owes me money?

The collection of a debt for any person becomes tedious when the debtor defaults on his payments or presents excuses of lack of money, that even if they are true or not, affects the finances of the person who lent it, leading him to take measures of force majeure.

One of these measures, which are not common, but can be effective in generating social pressure, is the disclosure through social networks. However, it is good for you to know that the action of publishing in networks who and how much you owe them, can harm you more than the debtor and you will not have a guarantee that they will pay you the money.

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“What is published in social networks is protected by freedom of expression, but it is also subject to limits, implying that defamatory, rude and insulting manifestations, among others, are not under protection… it applies to the internet and social networks in the same way as to other media” details the court document.

For attorney Andrea Donato, general manager of Consulting Group Marado, “it is definitely not an option to denounce a debt through social networks, since the fact of publishing information through media of high social impact, transcends the private sphere of the individual, which configures a state of defenselessness”.