How much does FSCS cost?

How much does FSCS cost?

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Supercritical fluids (SCFs) are particularly good solvents because of their ability to dissolve substances in a similar way to organic solvents, and because their viscosity and diffusion coefficient are close to those of gases, thus facilitating the transport properties of these fluids. Furthermore, since the surface tension of FSCs is zero, these fluids are particularly suitable for the extraction of substances contained in solid matrices. Another advantage in the use of FSCs is the possibility of changing their solvating power by variations in fluid pressure and/or temperature, thus allowing fractional extraction of solutes, and complete recovery of the solvent by simple pressure adjustments.

Given the high fixed costs, it is a process suitable for high throughputs and/or “relatively high” product unit selling price.    There is a high technological maturity and any application could be brought to industrial scale in a short period of time.

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Binance is one of the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchanges. Having formed in the early days of crypto trading, they have good experience in providing their customers with amazing service.

One of the things that made Binance so popular in the beginning was their referral program . This allowed people to earn cryptocurrencies by referring others to trade on the platform.

Enjoy our special Binance reward for getting started with Binance. After signing up, new users must complete tasks within 7 days to qualify for the Binance welcome offer rewards. Open your account from here and claim the bonus today!

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Since the exchange launched in July 2017, Binance has steadily grown its suite of products to offer you more ways to use cryptocurrencies to earn and grow your assets. While it started as a simple cryptocurrency spot trading platform, it has since expanded to many services.

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The Comisión Nacional del Mercado de Valores (CNMV) has reported that the British financial supervisory authority (FSA) has reported the bankruptcy of British investment services firm Worldspreads Limited, and has warned its clients of a possible impact on their investments.

The special administrators will review the positions held in cash by clients and will return as much cash as possible to each client as soon as possible, said the British supervisor, who reminded investors that they will be able to access the British Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) in the event of losses.


In our previous post, “Opening a bank account in Estonia”, we talked about how to open a LHV bank account in Estonia, and mentioned the possibility of using digital solutions such as Revolut Business or Wise. In this article we want to describe the best digital banks to operate your business in Estonia.

This article is exclusively about digital solutions for trading with your business. For your personal finances, there are solutions like Revolut, N26 or Wise personal, which we will talk about some other time.

In reality, with very few exceptions, it is very difficult for your company to need a traditional banking solution. Fintech solutions today are more convenient, technologically advanced, and can be opened and managed entirely online. Not only that, but many of them, like Revolut, have a banking license, so your money is protected by the European guarantee fund. Others like Wise do not have this fund, but keep their clients’ deposits in separate accounts managed by JP Morgan Chase, so even if Wise were to go bankrupt, your company’s funds would be safe.

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