How much cheaper is insurance with no claims?

How much cheaper is insurance with no claims?

Cheap car insurance

The price of a car insurance depends, first of all, on the type you want to hire. According to several media, the average cost of a basic third party policy is usually around 350 euros, while the extended third party policy goes up to 400 euros and the comprehensive without excess to more than 1,000 euros. However, there are several insurers offering cheaper offers.

Bonus for good drivingInsurers such as Genesis or Línea Directa reward good drivers with discounts on policy renewals. Others, such as the technological Hello Auto, base their pricing policy on this factor.

Specific addressSome insurers ask you to indicate the street and doorway where you live. This is because the neighborhood and vandalism rates are also taken into account when calculating the price of the policy.

With the approval in December 2012 of the law of equality in car prices, by decision of the European Union, discrimination in the amount of premiums on the basis of sex was prohibited.

Cheaper third party insurance

One of the first steps to contract a car insurance for novice drivers, is to know well the modalities that can be subscribed, since these are usually linked to the coverage offered.

Finding car insurance for a novice driver can be a challenge, a tedious and costly process due to the driver’s inexperience. In this regard, it should be noted that experience is one of the factors that insurers take into account to raise or lower premiums.

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Fortunately, some insurers have insurance policies adapted for this type of drivers, so it is possible to take out insurance for novice drivers with prices ranging from 400 to 600 euros per year.

Comparison of the cheapest car insurance

All these data serve to detect the factors that increase the probability of suffering an accident or accident. Any valid element permitted by law and considered relevant by the insurer is taken into account – gender, for example, cannot be taken into account.

Logically, the insurer will take advantage of the statistics to adjust the price of its insurance to the driver’s complete profile. In this way it will benefit good drivers and penalize bad ones, both statistically and on the basis of their own road record. And what you have done with other motorcycle or car policies is also taken into account when calculating the price of your insurance.

To make the sample representative we have chosen four types of bikers with their respective motorcycles with consistent data for the average motorcycle rider profile and seven different cities.

Increase in car insurance 2021

Once it has been decided which policy is the most convenient to contract, the next step is to provide the data of the car and the driver to the insurer so that it can make a previous study, which will serve as a reference to offer the budget. Therefore, it is possible that the same vehicle in the hands of a different driver may have a different premium. These are very important data since the insurer has to evaluate the level of risk it runs by insuring someone.

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When looking for cheap car insurance you have to take into account how it is calculated. The insurers take as a reference a series of variables such as the characteristics of the vehicle to be insured and the risk profile of the driver. We have carried out an analysis with the cheapest car insurances on the market, and for this we have used these two risk profiles:

In terms of coverage, the truth is that they do not have major differences. And the fact is that the four products only have the guarantees of compulsory civil liability, travel assistance and legal defense. They are simple and quite straightforward products that cover the just and necessary coverage required by the regulations in order to be able to circulate.