How long does a PPI payment take?

How long does a PPI payment take?

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It is important to know the Insured Pension Plan (PPA) in depth before contracting it, taking into account several parameters (not only the profitability it offers), in order to avoid any surprises. We have therefore developed a battery of 8 points to analyze in a PPA, to help you in this process of study and comparison prior to contracting:

The mobilization/transfer value will be equal to the market value of the assets backing the investment, so it could be mobilized more or less than the accumulated balance up to that moment. This could be beneficial or detrimental to the client depending on when he/she decides to mobilize/transfer his/her PPA. If you leave it in the hands of your broker/manager, you should not worry as he/she will always look after your interests and will recommend you to transfer at market value your Assured Pension Plan (PPA) with affected or allocated investments, when the time is right. If the client decides to transfer it when he/she considers it appropriate, he/she could be in for a negative surprise.

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If you are not happy with the results your pension plan is obtaining, you can transfer it to another entity if you wish. If you wish to transfer your plan to Renta 4 Banco, the transfer will be completely free of charge. You only have to contact one of our branches and we will take care of everything.

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When you decide to change your assets to another pension plan, you will have to request a transfer to the marketing entity of the new plan to which you want to allocate your capital. In our case, if you wish to transfer your investment to one of our pension plans, we will take care of all the formalities free of charge.

In accordance with current legislation, the transfer of the investment from one pension plan to another must be made within a maximum of five working days from the time the entity receives the transfer notification.

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How do I want to redeem my pension plan? Is it better to redeem it little by little, in the form of an annuity, or in the form of capital, making a total redemption of all the vested rights? These are some of the most frequently asked questions that people ask themselves when they reach retirement age and want to withdraw their pension plan and begin to have access to the contributions they have been making over time.

In order to be able to make a decision, the first thing to know is the taxation. Therefore, it is important for you to know that the amounts you receive from the pension plan will be taxed as earned income in the general tax base.

This is so for two reasons: The first is because it is a supplement to the pension and, therefore, it must be added to the same chapter. And the second reason is that, just as when we made the contributions we deducted them from the General Base Income, when we redeem them they will also increase the general base.

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The elimination of the 40% reduction for withdrawals in the form of capital came into force on 01/01/2007, but this regime has been maintained for contributions made to the pension plan until 31/12/2006.

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Are you lost and don’t know how to do it? In these cases, the best option may be to turn to a financial advisor to help you with your finances and guide you on the best way to make your pension plan profitable.

One of the main characteristics and disadvantages of pension plans is that they are not a liquid product. In other words, the money cannot be withdrawn at any time. This is one of the tolls you pay for the tax advantages you have.

The pension plan is intended for long-term investments and more specifically for retirement. This does not mean that you cannot take the money out of the pension plan early, although there must be special circumstances to do so.

In case of total and permanent incapacity to work for the usual profession or absolute disability or great disability to carry out any type of work, it will be possible to recover the pension plan.

If you are wondering how to redeem the pension plan due to serious illness, it will be necessary to prove with a medical certificate from the Social Security or an authorized entity the physical or psychological condition that temporarily disables the development of the usual professional activity for a minimum period of 3 months and that requires a clinical intervention of major surgery in a hospital center. This category also includes physical or psychological ailments or injuries with permanent sequelae that partially limit or totally prevent the usual activity.

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