How long does a PBA claim take?

How long does a PBA claim take?

Consumer Defense Complaints

Water service providers in the Province of Buenos AiresWater companies’ control bodies Main complaints regarding Electric Power, Gas, Water and Sewage are:OPERATIONAL complaints related to the service itself COMMERCIAL complaints related to billingWater and Sewage: 1° Operational: lack of total or partial supply (in summer) due to low pressure, sewage overflows, water loss.2° Commercial: related to billing error, high consumption, prescription and SOCIAL RATE. Commercial: billing error, high consumption, prescription and SOCIAL TARIFF Electricity:1° Commercial: accumulated consumption bill, debt and impossibility of payment, billing error, high consumption whether they are well or the meter has failed, social tariff.2° Operational: supply cuts, low or high voltage.Gas1° Commercial: bad billing, excessive billing due to high consumption or error. Social Tariff.2° Operative: cuts (if the service is cut off due to a security issue of the building or place there is nothing to do but to give advice since for security reasons the law establishes the mandatory removal of the meter and suspension of the service).

Police reports in the province of Buenos Aires

Complaints must be submitted in written form containing name, surname and address of the injured party and must be signed by the injured party or by a representative, in the event that the injured party is incapacitated.

Consultations may also be made by telephone from any part of the country at the cost of a local call to 0810-333-3762 and by fax to (011) 4819-1581 or to any of our offices in the interior of the country.

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In both cases, after evaluation of the matter, a written and duly signed remission will be requested, in order to comply with the requirements of section 19 of Law 24.284.

In these cases -as well as complaints made by telephone or fax- after being evaluated, you will be asked to send it in writing and duly signed, in order to comply with the requirements of section 19 of Law 24.284.

Report of gender violence in the province of Buenos Aires.

Having the Vehicle Technical Verification in order is a mandatory requirement to drive in the City and Province of Buenos Aires. In this article, we provide you with all the essential information to get up to date.

This is a periodic mechanical check-up performed on all cars registered in Argentina. By means of the VTV (Verificación Técnica Vehicular) the provinces control the state of their vehicle fleet.

It is a mandatory requirement for circulation. The VTV is not necessary in case the vehicle is not used and, for this reason, no retroactive fines are applied for not having done the VTV before.

In cases in which the driver is living in a different province from the one where the car is located, he/she may voluntarily do the VTV in the province of residence – if it allows it.

This depends on each jurisdiction, but in general the reservation of appointments is made the month before the VTV expiration date by filling out an online form. In less populated provinces, it is not necessary to book an appointment and it is enough to take the vehicle to any inspection center during opening hours. Below are the links for the four main jurisdictions:

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File a report at the prosecutor’s office

For automobile insurance, with the insured’s VAT status as Final Consumer, the policy is valid annually with monthly re-invoicing. If your VAT status is VAT Registered Responsible, the policy is annual with quarterly re-invoicing. It should be noted that the automobile insurance is valid from 12 noon on the day the coverage is contracted until 12 noon on the day the policy ends. In those cases in which the client does not pay on the due date, the coverage will be reactivated at midnight of the day following the payment.