How does key insurance work?

How does key insurance work?

My house keys were stolen

Haste is seldom a good advisor. On the road it is a real risk factor, but even once we have stopped the car, the frenetic pace can lead to absent-mindedness that can turn into real headaches, especially if they are not well managed, such as losing the car keys or leaving them inside the car.

And if there is no one nearby to pick up the keys, is an alternative solution provided? Normally, the necessary means are used to get the keys to the insured to the place where he/she is without the need for the affected party to travel. It is usual to have the service of a courier company, although if necessary, a means of transport is usually provided for the client to travel. “In both cases, the cost of the service is limited to 120 euros,” Olmedo explains.

Therefore, it can be said that if you lose your keys while away from home, there is a relatively simple solution as long as you have roadside assistance contracted and have two sets of car keys. But what happens if you only have one set of car keys?

Insurance covers loss of keys

One thing we should not neglect is to have two copies of the car keys at hand. It is very important, since this way, if one of the two sets is lost, we will always be able to get hold of the other keys and get out of the situation. In fact, to be on the safe side, it is recommended to keep the two copies in different places when we go on a trip, in case we need to use the spare set.

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However, accidents happen and we may find ourselves helplessly searching for the car keys with no alternative but to lament our misfortune. In such cases, car insurance may offer some solution, provided that the policy coverages are adequate.

In this way, your car can be in a safe place where a solution to the problem can be found, and the insurer may even provide you with a replacement vehicle so that you can travel to where you have the spare key.

However, it is not so frequent that the policy assumes the cost of the duplicate car keys. It is important to find out the scope of the warranty (in case this coverage is included) to make sure that the policy covers the replacement of the key and under what circumstances.

What to do if I lose my car keys and don’t have a copy

21st century locksmith at an affordable price.thanks to the current technology we offer you a more comfortable service and at a much lower cost than an emergency locksmith does it work?your Blessed Key is just a few steps away.

With a few pictures taken with your cell phone camera, we create your “digital key ring” (a digital copy of each key, identical to the original).digital custody.we store the keys in the cloud for when you need them.  We store the information of each key you register in our secure servers in encrypted form.

All communications are encrypted with SSL (SHA-256). All the data we store is kept in secure servers with the most modern anti-hacking systems and always updated to be protected.protected home.we will never ask you or save the address of the keys so there is no possibility of linking them. In addition, once each key is digitized, we delete the photographs from our servers for your security.

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Reporting lost keys

As time went by, the presence of a key became indispensable to prevent theft and enhance vehicle security. However, it was not until the early 1990s that Germany began to introduce the transponder key in the manufacture of its cars. But before continuing, it is worth clarifying what a transponder key is.

Born from the words “transmit” and “respond”, transponder keys involve immediate communication between a chip installed inside the vehicle key and a computer system integrated within the car itself. Thus, when we press the key within a few meters of our car, the internal system recognizes the stimulus and facilitates the opening.

In turn, the different keys are made up of the so-called “espadín”, a structure made of materials such as copper and aluminum that allows the holder to fit the lock. Depending on the car manufacturer, the espadrille will be different, with types such as the cross espadrille (used by Fiat or Peugeot) or the regatta espadrille (flatter and more contemporary).

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