How do I know what type of claim I have?

How do I know what type of claim I have?

How to make a claim

The ideal, and whenever possible, is to try to reach an agreement with the company to find a solution. If this is not the case, you can request, free of charge and immediately, an official complaint form from the Junta de Andalucía.

By filing a complaint against a company or establishment, you are simply expressing your dissatisfaction with a service that you consider to have been provided in an unsatisfactory manner, without requesting any specific claim. With the presentation of a complaint, it is intended, for example, that a certain product or service is restored or repaired, to obtain compensation, the rescission of a contract, etc.

The complaint and claim form consists of a single set of self-adhesive forms in triplicate in vertical format. One copy is intended for the Administration, one for the party complained against and one for the complainant.

It is not compulsory to use this specific form to file complaints or claims with companies or professionals, although it is advisable to use the official form, since it obliges companies to provide a complete written response within ten working days, whereas by using any other means companies have a period of one month to reply.

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Complain, protest, don’t be afraid. Ask for a complaint form when you consider it appropriate. This is a right available to all individuals who feel that what they have purchased, product or service, is not as promised. If you believe you are right and you have proof, complain, but do it well. We explain how.

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Consumers have the right to claim for what they feel they have not been given, so when the case arises, a process begins with the complaint form and can end up in court.

Claim form pdf

If your complaint arises as a result of the purchase of goods or the provision of services other than those listed in the previous section, follow the steps we indicate to file a Consumer Complaint.

If you have not reached an amicable agreement with the company or its customer service, request a complaint form. Please note that the company is obliged to give it to you free of charge (even in the case of contracts concluded at a distance). The form will be official and consists of a single set of self-adhesive forms in triplicate.  On the reverse side you will find the instructions for filling in the form. It is important that, before filling in the form, you read them carefully to know the steps to follow and the information you must provide.

Check that the company data are already filled in. Fill in your personal data, the reason for the claim, the request and the attached documents. Also, state on the form if you agree to submit the claim to the Consumer Arbitration System, an out-of-court dispute resolution system, free and voluntary for both parties.

Claim or complaint

A consumer complaint is a communication that the consumer addresses to the competent administration when a conflict or disagreement arises between him and the company or professional who has sold him the product or provided the service, highlighting the facts and requesting a solution and / or compensation.

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They are not, therefore, consumer claims the discrepancies that can exist between several companies or between several individuals, reason why they will not be protected neither by the norms of consumer protection nor by the organisms in charge of it.

In the event that they are unable to reach an agreement, or the businessman does not reply to the consumer’s communication, the consumer may file a claim with the Municipal Consumer Information Office nearest to his home or with the Directorate General of Trade and Consumer Affairs.

It is recommended to the consumer that all communications with the seller or service provider be made using mechanisms that leave a record of their delivery, i.e., in writing or in any durable medium such as e-mail.

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