How do I file a civil lawsuit in Kentucky?

How do I file a civil lawsuit in Kentucky?

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A civil lawsuit is a lawsuit that is not a criminal case. Civil proceedings include matters such as divorce, custody and bankruptcy, but an actual civil lawsuit is usually a lawsuit seeking a monetary judgment based on civil law, such as breach of contract, personal injury and wrongful death .

Kentucky civil lawsuits are handled in district court or circuit court. District courts handle small claims cases, as well as other minor civil and criminal matters, such as traffic offenses and misdemeanors. Circuit courts are the courts of general jurisdiction in Kentucky and handle larger cases.

To commence a civil lawsuit in Kentucky, the plaintiff must prepare a complaint and a warning order or a . The documents must be filed with the clerk of the court in the appropriate county. The complaint must identify all parties to the action and contain a clear statement of what happened and what the plaintiff is asking for.


After being injured by the wrongful actions or negligence of another person, you have to deal with physical, emotional and financial stress. You may not be able to return to work soon and life as you knew it is no longer enjoyable. With all these different impacts of your life-changing injuries, what can you do? For many, hiring an attorney who specializes in representing personal injury cases is the best decision they have ever made.

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Often the circumstances of an accident will best define what a personal injury means to the victim. Below are situations that often involve one negligent party injuring another, requiring compensation:

It is important to remember that negligence must be proven when seeking compensation for injuries caused by another party or entity. This can be complicated and working with an experienced personal injury attorney can ensure that you do so successfully.

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A: In general, all Kentucky employers must carry workers’ compensation insurance for workers injured on the job. If an employer is unable to provide such coverage, they may be directly liable for injuries sustained by a worker, and the Kentucky Uninsured Fund may be able to assist with the payment of benefits.

A: Let’s thoroughly prepare you for the lawsuit should it become necessary. Preparation starts from the day you file a lawsuit. We will talk with you about the process and with all witnesses and prepare them thoroughly during one-on-one sessions. These will make sure that your case is presented correctly and in the best possible manner to the jury.

A: Yes, you can always contact another attorney. You are the “master” of your case, not the attorney. Keep in mind, however, if an attorney has put in a lot of time on a case and decides to change, he or she may be entitled to a portion of the attorney’s fee if/when your claim concludes.

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If I file a complaint against a health care facility and it results in disciplinary action, what kind of compensation can I get from the department or the individual?

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It is best to contact us as soon as possible after an incident or event occurs.  This allows us to retrieve and review records and documents more easily.  You are also more likely to remember important facts and circumstances soon after the incident and are less likely to forget details.

Some facilities, such as nursing homes and assisted living facilities, are regulated by the Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS). You can file a complaint with DSHS by calling 800-562-6078. If a particular provider working in one of these facilities is licensed by our agency or is performing work that requires a license from our agency, you may file a complaint against that person.