Does boat insurance cover hitting a log?

Does boat insurance cover hitting a log?

Collision between family members covered by insurance

Thus, the second final provision of Law 33/1987, of December 23rd , on General State Budgets for 1988, extended in its own terms by the ninth final provision of Law 37/1988, of December 28th , on General State Budgets for 1989, expressly repeals the Royal Decree-Laws of October 13th , 1928 and July 26th , 1929 and authorizes the Government to carry out the reform of the Compulsory Travelers Insurance, establishing the terms in which the modification was to operate in particular: Principle of freedom of contracting, extension of the Insurance coverage and delimitation of the competences of the Insurance Compensation Consortium.

3. The Compulsory Passenger Insurance does not release the transport companies, the drivers of the vehicles or third parties from the civil liability in which, fraudulently or culpably, they may incur due to the transport of persons, nor do the benefits paid by reason of said Insurance reduce the amount of the aforementioned liability.

If you crash head-on, will my insurance cover me?

We receive several questions every day about those situations related to claims that may occur when driving a car and for which insurance companies do not provide answers. There are several questions that should be taken into account in order to hire the most advisable auto insurance, and we would like to mention some information about them so that you can know when an insurance policy will give you an answer and when it will not.

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The reasons why an insurance can refuse to respond are really many, which are the causes for exclusion of coverage, if we refer to them in strictly technical terms. To mention some of the most important causes we can summarize them as follows:

Having said that it is fundamental to indicate that the insurance is going to cover if another person (a third party) drives your vehicle only if she is authorized. As to how to authorize someone who is not the owner, it will have to be done through a procedure that takes 48 hours, which is done at the Sectional Registry where the vehicle in question is registered. You will be asked for your National Identity Card, the data of the person you wish to authorize and the Title Deed of the car.

Insurance Coverage if you fall asleep

The insurance shall cover all bodily injuries directly caused by a “collision, overturning, overtaking, running off the road or roadway, breakage, explosion, fire, reaction, external impact and any other breakdown or abnormality affecting or originating from the vehicle”. (1)

It shall cover accidents occurring during the trip, before the beginning of the trip and those “immediately after the end of the trip, provided that the insured was in said vehicle when they occurred” (2).

– those occurring while the passenger is on the “gangplank, ladder or gangways connecting the vessel with the pier” and those occurring during the transfer “in other vessels from the pier to vessels not at berth and vice versa” (maritime transportation).

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– accidents occurring to personnel employed by the transport company during the “time in which, by reason of their duties, they must remain in the vehicle before and after the voyage”.

The insurance will not protect travelers (or other insured) who cause the accident while under the influence of drugs, alcohol, narcotics or stimulants or by “the commission of fraudulent acts”.

What to do in case of collision with insurance

This insurance is compatible with others that you may contract when traveling and also includes accidents that the traveler may suffer when entering or leaving the vehicle or during the delivery or retrieval of luggage. The amount of compensation will vary depending on the seriousness of the injuries sustained.

In order to be eligible for this insurance and to be protected during a journey, the consumer must be in possession of a valid ticket. This protection also covers minors when they are exempt from payment.

If an accident occurs on a transport in which you are traveling, it is important that you do not leave the place without filling out an injury report or proof of the accident from the company.  This is the guarantee for later claiming compensation.

With the SOV, the bodily injuries suffered by passengers as a direct consequence of a collision, overturning, overtaking, run-off-the-road or roadway, breakage, explosion, fire, reaction, external impact or any other breakdown or anomaly affecting or originating from the vehicle are protected.

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