Do insurance companies keep track of claims?

Do insurance companies keep track of claims?

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When taking out an insurance policy, we recommend that the insured is properly advised of the benefits of the policy he/she will be taking out. However, something that you do not question until the moment you have an accident is how long it takes the insurance company to fix the car.

In the meantime, insurance companies investigate the accident and determine liability. In this way, there is a subsequent compensation process from the insurance company of the responsible party to that of the accident victim.

The insured has seven days to inform the insurance company of the accident. This must be in writing with a detailed description of what happened. It is important to give as much information and detail as possible in order not to fall into “malice or gross negligence”, and as a consequence lose the indemnity.

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In compliance with the Organic Law 15/1999, of December 13, on the Protection of Personal Data, we inform you that the data collected will be part of an automated file owned by BARCELONA ACTIVA SPM SA, with registered office in Llacuna street, 162-164, Barcelona, with the purpose of managing registrations and to inform of its activities and services within its scope of action. You may exercise your rights of access, rectification, cancellation, cancellation and / or opposition by writing to Legal Services of BARCELONA ACTIVA SPM SA at the above address.

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According to point 3 of article 20 of the Horizontal Property Law, a property manager must “attend to the conservation and maintenance of the house, arranging the repairs and measures that are urgent, giving immediate account of them to the president or, if necessary, to the owners”.

The theory and logic tells us that the processing of a claim should be a linear process. A communication, an opening, a repair and a closure, but reality tells us that this almost never happens. The processing of a claim becomes a complex labyrinth in which with each step you take you find yourself more lost and it takes too much effort to find the way out.

There are so many possible participants with whom you have to deal during the life of a file that it is practically impossible for some of the links that should unite the chain that leads to the resolution not to break.

The service of attention and defense that clients receive throughout the whole process of handling a claim represents one more guarantee of the transparency and security that all policyholders who manage their policies through a broker have.

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In the case of vehicles that are under financing, it refers to the individual or legal entity (financier) that has the right to the payment of the corresponding services over any other vehicle. It must appear on the title page of the Policy.

It is the document through which the individual or legal entity can know its status with the SAT, date of registration with the SHCP, general data of the taxpayer, etc. If requested, it is processed through the web portal or SAT customer service modules.

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In case the Policy holder is an individual with business activity or a legal entity with explicit tax obligations before the SAT, it is necessary to generate electronic invoices of its operation.

If at the time of the report the attention to the claim is assigned through auto-adjustment, you will receive an SMS message with a link in which you can document the details of your incident. Once you have sent the information requested in the link, within 24 hours, you will receive by the same means the admission order to enter your vehicle to the repair center.