Can you claim laser eye surgery?

Can you claim laser eye surgery?

Operación de la vista

El tribunal dijo que la acción colectiva propuesta, presentada por el demandante principal Christopher Ouellet en 2019, estaba prescrita y no era adecuada para una acción colectiva dado que no cumple con el requisito de comunalidad necesario para convertirse en una demanda colectiva, informa CTV News.

Ouellet presentó el caso en 2019, alegando que LASIK MD no advirtió a los pacientes del riesgo de daño nervioso permanente asociado con la popular cirugía ocular con láser. Ouellet supuestamente se sometió a una cirugía ocular LASIK el 26 de enero de 2015, momento en el que experimentó un fuerte dolor e inflamación en ambos ojos. Más tarde se le diagnosticó una neuralgia corneal a causa de la operación, según alega la demanda colectiva de LASIK propuesta.

Sin embargo, el Tribunal Superior de Quebec dijo que la demanda no se presentó dentro del período de tres años prescrito y que no era apropiada para una demanda colectiva, según CTV News. El tribunal dijo que el período de tres años debería haber comenzado cuando Ouellet experimentó por primera vez el dolor postoperatorio, que denunció en 2015.

Lasik surgery testimonials

Valencia waited for her release from television to undergo the procedure. “The preoperative involves being a couple of weeks without wearing contact lenses and having exams, so for an aesthetic issue I didn’t have the surgery before when I was on TV. I didn’t want to wear optical glasses,” the journalist told LUN.

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Laser surgery, known as Lasik, is a procedure in which “a change is made in the curvature of the cornea by means of laser ablation (removal), correcting the focus of vision. The procedure is very precise,” explained Dr. Mauricio Cabezas, head of ophthalmology at Clínica Las Condes to the national media.

For an ophthalmologist to recommend this operation, a clinical evaluation of the defect, the thickness of the cornea and its shape must be made. If you have a very high degree of myopia, it may not be recommended.

Dry eye and laser surgery

As it corresponds to a situation of sick leave, in the same way as a flu or a muscular injury, the time of that sick leave will be a suspension of the labor contract with the right to the benefits and complements that each agreement may have foreseen.

“Well, this is the case in which we find ourselves in which, although it is true that the operation that the plaintiff has voluntarily undergone to correct her hyperopia (ocular defect that causes a lack of sharpness or blurred vision of near objects as a result of a convergence defect of the crystalline lens), can contribute to aesthetic improvement because it can free her from optical correction through glasses or contact lenses, it also and above all, projects its benefits in the field of health, because it can improve her vision, when this is affected by a refractive defect of 5 diopters in each eye as in the case of the plaintiff, is much more than improving the external appearance and being able to do without glasses that help vision, and not only results in comfort, but in the general welfare that is part of health understood in the physical and psychological aspects, in which the situation would also be framed, although the intervention had not been completely successful, which is not known and the worker would have to continue using glasses of lower graduation. “

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What eye operations are covered by social security

VIDEO SURVEILLANCE: Control of what happens in the facilities of the person in charge of the Treatment, being able to be used like verification of the commission of crime or undue action, as well as test before possible denunciations.

The images obtained from the surveillance cameras, as well as the sound will be kept for a maximum of 1 month from the time they were obtained, except for those provided by the legislation regarding the prescription of responsibilities by requirement of the State Security Forces and Corps or Courts of Justice.

In addition, you may withdraw your consent at any time for any purpose granted at the time without affecting the lawfulness of the processing carried out prior to the withdrawal of consent.

You may exercise your rights through the means of contact indicated in the section on the data controller. E-mail or postal mail of your choice. For its exercise it will be necessary and essential that we can identify you with a photocopy of your ID card.

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