Can you claim compensation if your flight is Cancelled?

Can you claim compensation if your flight is Cancelled?

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Apart from the advance notice that the airline must give you of the cancellation of your flight, you are entitled to claim compensation for a cancelled flight when the following conditions are met:

Passengers are entitled to assistance from the airline, e.g. drinks and food.No matter what the reason for the cancellation is. It makes no difference whether it is a technical failure, bad weather or strikes, because in case of cancellations or considerable delays passengers are always entitled to the provision of basic assistance at the airport:

Do you have a planned trip and want to secure your compensation in case of a possible cancellation? No problem, just enter your flight details in advance in our online calculator and we will inform you whether you are entitled to compensation as soon as we receive the flight information.

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In principle, air passengers are entitled to compensation for a considerable delay or cancellation of a flight, if they have started the flight from an EU airport or land at an EU airport (in this case the airline must be domiciled in the EU). Also in case of denied boarding, for example, if there is an overbooking of tickets, the airline is possibly obliged to pay compensation.

Therefore, if you want to successfully claim for the delay of your flight, it is advisable to be aware of similar cases and judgments to find out if you are entitled to compensation. In addition, this way you increase your chances of victory in the defense of your rights. As a leading company in the provision of legal services for air passengers, we are familiar with all developments and rulings concerning the European Regulation. Therefore, we can estimate in a few minutes your chances of obtaining compensation.

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This initial consultation is free of charge. Simply enter your flight details on our website and we will check with a couple of clicks whether the regulation is applicable and provide you with your first assessment immediately. If you are entitled to compensation, you can then entrust us with the defense of your interests. This will save you a lot of time and disputes with the airline. We claim your compensation and, if necessary, we will even go to court, without any additional costs for you. We have already won many cases of flight delays, denied boarding or cancellations and paid our clients more than 350 million euros. If your case is not successful, you do not have to pay anything.

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Derived from the Decrees reforming and adding various provisions of the Civil Aviation Law and the Federal Consumer Protection Law, published in the Official Journal of the Federation of June 26, 2017, airlines, since November 8, 2017, are obliged to provide all their passengers with an efficient and quality service, as well as to respect and inform consumers truthfully, adequately and clearly of their rights and obligations.

If you want to know the policies with which the airline of your preference will compensate or indemnify you when the delay or delay is attributable to it, enter its commercial name in the following box:

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The European Community Regulation (EC) 261/2004 includes all the rights that the passenger has when situations such as flight cancellations and overbooking occur.

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It is also considered as extraordinary circumstances when the repercussions of an air traffic management decision (in relation to a specific aircraft and on a specific date) result in a long delay, an overnight delay or the cancellation of one or more flights of the aircraft, although the air carrier has made every effort to avoid such delays or cancellations.

If the passenger does not accept the denial of boarding, he/she must prove that he/she did not do so voluntarily by claiming in writing what happened, including the date of the incident. To do so, the user can go to the airline counter, to the AENA stands or to the authorities to ask for a document proving the overbooking.

If due to a flight cancellation the connection with another flight booked within a tourist package is lost, the travel agent must manage and assume the cost of the new tickets to reach the destination, as well as other living expenses.

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