Can you be fired for work related stress?

Can you be fired for work related stress?

Indemnización por estrés laboral

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Work stress in mexico

Home / Centro de consultas / Consultations / Termination of Contract / Indirect DismissalShareDo not shareTermination of Contract, Indirect DismissalTermination of Contract, Indirect DismissalWhat is the procedure to terminate the labor relationship with the right to indemnification when it is the employer who incurs in some of the causes of termination attributable to his conduct? The employee, in order to self-dismiss, must communicate it in writing to the employer, with a copy to the respective Labor Inspectorate, indicating the causes and the facts on which it is based. The employee has a term of 60 working days from the termination of services to sue before the courts of justice. This term is extended to a maximum of 90 business days if the employee files a claim before the Labor Inspection.

In connection with the foregoing, the causes established by the Labor Code for the employee to terminate the employment contract and the corresponding increases in severance payments are as follows:

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Disability due to work stress imss

There are as many types of people as there are people in this world, each with their own way of being, their mood, their patience, their way of managing their workload, but above all, they all have their dignity.

It is especially in our days where the omnipresent expression “work stress” takes on an exponential relevance and a more than adequate meaning. The work stress we are dealing with today does not occur because the worker does not know how to organize himself, nor because he does not know how to manage the workload; the stress we are dealing with occurs when the management of the company gives orders and directives that are far removed from the content of the job and its normal execution, in time and quantity.

Although stress from the psychological point of view is an innate reaction of the human being to an external change, the stress caused by bad management practices of a company towards its workers always has unpredictable but always negative consequences for the workers.

I can be fired for depression

The state of mind and mental health of workers can seriously affect their performance, to the point of preventing the normal development of their activity. Learn how to manage a leave of absence due to depression.

Depression leave is a type of sick leave that is granted to workers when they are temporarily unable to perform their normal responsibilities in any company. The incapacity must be motivated by psychological causes and, as it happens with the rest of sick leaves, it must be medically accredited. Although there are many conditions that can justify leave due to depression, the most common are stress, anxiety, family or personal problems and labor conflicts.

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As in the previous case, we can distinguish two main requirements for access to a leave of absence due to depression (in addition to meeting one of the two types of contingencies described above):

This is one of the most sensitive issues when it comes to managing a leave of absence due to depression. It is often thought that the worker in this situation should not have an active lifestyle and that, if he/she is very active, he/she may be committing fraud. To avoid conflicts, the principle applies that the employee on depression leave can do whatever the doctor authorizes him or her to do.

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