Are PCBs still used today?

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These substances generally affect the endocrine system of animals, as well as their immune system, reproduction, brain function, and can even cause cancer.In the case of killer whales, although it is very difficult to know what impact PCBs have on their metabolism, scientists obtained values of 1,300 mg/kg in the fatty tissue of these mammals. In other animals with levels as low as 50 mg/kg there are already signs of infertility and effects on the immune system.thanks to studies in seals and other toothed whales, researchers suggest that PCBs can cause cancer and have serious effects on immune suppression and reproduction in killer whales.

More than 50% of populations threatenedIn their work, the scientists identified several killer whale populations with “extremely high” levels of PCBs in their tissues. “The most vulnerable include populations near Brazil, in the transitional zones of the west coast of North America, the Canary Islands, the east coast of Greenland, Hawaii, Japan, the Strait of Gibraltar and the United Kingdom,” notes Desforges.

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If your passion is electronics, in this article we are going to explain what THT components are so that you have a general notion of the types of board components that you can find. Don’t miss it!

The components are mounted on a printed circuit board (PCB) and this assembly is called an electronic circuit or assembled printed circuit board or PCBA. There are two types of components, SMD, which are the most commonly used today, and THT, which are the traditional components.

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In this way, electronic bridges are created between one side of the board and the other thanks to a conductive tube that is usually made of zinc, copper or silver so that it can be soldered correctly and does not oxidize.

One of the characteristics of THT components is that they are quite fragile and very sensitive to heat. If one of these THTs gets too hot it can cause the contact between the tracks on one side of the circuit to fail, rendering that board inoperable and unusable.

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At Trédi Argentina, we are specialists in the integral management of PCBs, covering all aspects: from on-site treatment to export. For us, strict compliance with national and international legislation is a priority. In the following interview, Dr. Juan Carlos Federico Parmigiani presents the different regulations that involve the integral management of PCBs in Argentina.

This law has the importance of setting the basic and minimum guidelines on which the rest of the provinces must regulate on the subject (PCBs), being able to be more restrictive, but not more permissive with the requirements set by this law of minimum budgets.

It also establishes that the decontamination of equipment and the disposal of polychlorinated biphenyls or equipment containing them must be treated as hazardous waste and will be included in the recitals of Law No. 24,051 and other concordant regulations at the provincial and municipal levels.

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Electronic devices continue their rapid growth, with ever-shortening life cycles due to both fashion and functional changes. Technological advances, including more sophisticated hardware, demand faster improvements in manufacturing performance.

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Increasingly, cell phones, laptops, tablets and many other electronic devices rely on their internal metal circuitry to process information at higher speeds. In turn, industries such as automotive and aeronautics are major consumers of increasingly sophisticated electronic components.

However, markets are increasingly demanding smaller components due to the trend towards miniaturization. Traditional through-hole technology electronic components, which are manufactured with terminals that are soldered on the opposite side where the component is inserted, are increasingly being abandoned, making intensive use of SMD (Surface Mounting Device) type components, which are soldered directly to the surface of the PCB or printed circuit board.