Who needs a DEC?

Who needs a DEC?

Deck pool

Perhaps without even thinking about it, an investor makes use of something known as “Financial Theory”, which some consider to be the best method to know the acceptability or ranking of investment projects. It consists of finding out the net present value (NPV) of the cash flows, i.e. disbursements and repayments, associated with the project.

Uber, for example, has one of the best pitch decks available in the market, as it summarizes in a very timely manner its business model, where it wants to go, who is part of the project, what is its budget, its earnings forecast, etc.

Finally, in this slide we can see that your business model and how customers will relate to the application and, in turn, to the drivers, is presented in a very clear and timely manner.

Raising the necessary capital to fund a company is a complicated task, both for entrepreneurs and businessmen. However, complicated does not mean impossible. Having a clear understanding of all the finances, sales and valuation of your startup will generate confidence in investors.

What is a deck in a house

When there is more than one subject integrating the same party, the restricted capacity of exercise of Article 44 of one of them cannot be invoked by the other integrating the same party, except when the performance or its object is indivisible”.

Minors or persons with restricted capacity of exercise included in article 44, paragraphs 1 to 8, who have assets far from their domicile and cannot be conveniently administered by the guardian or curator.

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That the testator expresses his will by himself or, in the case of a person with disability, with the granting of reasonable adjustments or supports for the manifestation of the will, if required. If so required, by dictating his will to the notary or by personally giving him in writing the provisions to be contained therein.

That, during the reading, at the end of each clause, it is verified if the content corresponds to the expression of his will. If the testator is a person with a disability, he/she may express his/her assent or observations through reasonable accommodations or supports if required.

Sodimac Wood Deck

The customers are the source of income of the company, they are the ones who sustain our project and for whom we exist. If there is an elite department in the company that interacts with the most important people in the organization on a daily basis, it is the Customer Service department. The impact of the employees in this department can be crucial to the organization.

The right people will know how to handle customer issues depending on the type of customer, tailoring their communication to the specific type of customer, fostering good relationships and building loyalty.

The hidden cost of not having the right and well trained people is enormous, one of the main reasons for the destruction of loyalty is distrust, people who work in customer service often distrust the good faith of customers, they believe that when they complain it is to get a benefit which is not deserved. Customers, for their part, distrust customer service employees, believing that they have been placed there as an impenetrable filter so that their complaints, requests or questions will never be heard by anyone.

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How to make an economical wooden deck

For the installation of a deck, a set of wood, steel or aluminum pillars are firmly supported on the ground (usually by concrete footings). The pillars will support a wood, steel or aluminum deck anchored to them. Finally, the slabs that form the terrace are placed on top of the floor slab.

It is installed in a cleaner and faster way than a masonry terrace. At the same time, the structural material itself aesthetically finishes off the structure without the need for other waterproofing, draining, structural or aesthetic elements, as may be necessary on site.

The wood used in this type of structure must always be prepared for outdoor exposure. We will differentiate between the wood used to make up the structure and the wood that makes up the decking.

The decking can be made of pine or other conifers, tropical woods, or composite woods, previously treated in autoclave and finished preferably with stain / lasur, water-based and open pore, which allows us to obtain the color we want; or tropical woods such as Ipe, with a high natural resistance to external agents due to its high density, in this case the most common treatment is based on teak oils and the finish color is the natural color of the wood partially darkened by the oils.

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