Who manages a parish Clerk?

Who manages a parish Clerk?


To assist the community; implementing municipal policies, articulating and executing plans, programs, projects and services, in order to contribute to the sustainable development of its jurisdiction with the active participation of the citizens, under the stewardship of the corresponding municipal authorities.

The participatory budget can be defined as “the process through which the citizenry contributes and takes part in the analysis, discussion and decision regarding the execution or destination of a percentage of the municipal budget” (OM 102, art. 28). It is a tool to deepen participatory democracy in Decentralized Autonomous Governments (democratization of the State); provided for in both national and local regulations.

OM 102 clearly establishes the role of the Zonal Administrations, which are called to convene parish assemblies so that the citizens can prioritize 60% of the zonal investment budget, which will be destined to the execution of works, programs and social projects; these citizen prioritizations will be implemented from the zonal administrations.

Functions of the Secretariat

g) Promote investment and economic development, especially in the popular and solidarity economy, in sectors such as agriculture, livestock, handicrafts and tourism, among others, in coordination with other decentralized autonomous governments;

l) Promote and coordinate the collaboration of the inhabitants of its territorial circumscription in mingas or any other form of social participation, for the realization of works of community interest;

The rural parish council is the governing body of the rural parish. It shall be composed of members elected by popular vote, of whom the one with the highest number of votes shall preside, with a casting vote, in accordance with the provisions of the electoral law. The second most voted member shall be the vice-president of the rural parish council.

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b) Approve the parish development plan and the land use plan formulated in a participatory manner with the action of the parish planning council and the participatory bodies, as well as evaluate their execution;

LETTER OF REQUEST (How to write a letter of request)

The parish archives have the task of managing the data of the faithful of the parish. In particular, it manages the records of the administration of the sacraments of Baptism, Confirmation and Marriage, keeping them up to date and communicating them to the archdiocese. Likewise, it processes requests for the various certificates that are issued (baptism, confirmation and marriage).

If you wish, you may request a baptismal, confirmation or marriage certificate by filling out the form below. A member of the parish will contact you when your document is ready to pick it up. The cost of processing the certificates is €.

Basic Accounting Class 1

Table Commission: The table commission, excuses and qualifications shall be composed of the President of the Parish Council, a member, and a representative of citizen participation, the secretary of the institution shall act as secretary of the table commission.

Planning and Budget Commission: The planning and budget commission shall be composed of the president of the Parish Council, two members, the secretary-treasurer of the institution and a representative of citizen participation.

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