What kind of fitness certifications are there?

What kind of fitness certifications are there?

Where to study to become a gym instructor

At the Instituto Argentino de Entrenamiento all the members of the team are united and work with the objective of fulfilling our mission: TO PROMOTE PHYSICAL ACTIVITY, FIGHT AGAINST SEDENTARISM AND BRING QUALITY OF LIFE TO THE ENTIRE COUNTRY AND LATIN AMERICA.

BEING a certified professional in IAE FITNESS is a guarantee of contents and tools that generate a professional distinction and a benefit for your students and for the companies or institutions that hire you.

Our program is aimed at anyone who is in or out of the fitness industry and are trained to help people improve their athletic performance.

Today, 31% of Argentine adults practice a sport or physical activity. The Physical Trainer course will allow you to advise amateur and/or professional athletes. In this way you will become a sports specialist and will increase your labor insertion with elite athletes, fitness, crossfiters, young competitors and any athlete who needs to increase his balance, strength, agility and speed. There is a wide world of work.


We often hear these and other questions when we talk about Fitness and Wellness, but it is important to approach real professionals who provide us with the right information.

Unfortunately in Mexico there is a very high percentage of pseudo trainers that in an empirical way are dedicated to this profession (8 out of 10 trainers do not have serious certifications or have accredited very simple trainings of 3 or 5 days of training), with this data we can realize why there are so many injured people in parks, clubs and gyms of different types.

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If you are a beginner and want to become a fitness instructor or trainer, we recommend you to look for courses or certifications that include subjects such as: Anatomy, Physiology, Physical Capacities, Motricity, Kinesiology, Nutrition, Special Populations, Biomechanics, Physical Evaluations and the different means to train: Free weights, Integrated weights, Elastic bands, water training, among others.

Free Personal Trainer Certificate

A personal trainer is a professional with knowledge about the human body and training. His function is to evaluate the characteristics and condition of each of his clients in order to then make him a personalized training plan so that he can meet his desired physical goals.

➤ The personal trainer must control the entire training process, attending to the correct execution of all movements and exercises. In addition, among his strengths, is to keep his client motivated and set realistic goals that will be met over time.

Before accessing this course, the student must pass a personal aptitude test that consists of different physical tests in order to evaluate abilities such as: endurance, strength, agility, flexibility and coordination.

There are certifications provided by prestigious worldwide institutions dedicated to the development of formal studies of sport science and physical activity as is the case of the NSCA, an association founded in 1978 member of the European Health and Fitness Association, which is responsible for overseeing the training of professionals in training and fitness.

Certified in personalized fitness training

Therefore, their focus on a healthy lifestyle, a commitment to a fit physique and a desire to share their passion with others is evident, allowing them to serve as positive role models for any exercise challenge or for those who wish to improve their fitness. to the next level.

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Most fitness trainers are employed in this field working in a variety of sectors at fitness and recreation centers, gyms, country clubs, exercise studios, resorts and even universities.

If you’ve decided that personal training is for you, your first step is to get certified. In addition, earning a Certified Personal Trainer certification can open the door to new fitness avenues in nutrition, conditioning, performance, sports medicine and more. So, it’s very important to know if the certifying organization has been accredited.

But, for individuals seeking career advancement or to specialize in an area of personal training, an associate, bachelor’s or graduate degree can bring out the best in this profession.