What is the requirements for birth certificate?

What is the requirements for birth certificate?

Requirements to obtain a birth certificate reniec

A birth certificate or birth certificate is an official document that certifies the registration of birth in the country, which contains the person’s identity data such as: name, date and time of birth, nationality, sex, affiliation, among others.

To obtain the virtual certificate, you must first enter the official RENIEC website and look for the option called “Online Services”, which will redirect the user to a series of services available by the state entity.

The relevant option for our purpose will be, in the first instance, the one titled “Consultation of registry records”, link in which we will be able to confirm the existence of our birth certificate in the RENIEC database.

Once this action has been carried out and we have confirmation of the availability of the record, we will go again to “Online Services”, but this time choosing the option “Certified copies of records/partitions”, where we will be able to start the corresponding procedure.

Birth certificate without father’s signature

In this article we will explain how to register the birth of a newborn in Bolivia and how to request the birth certificate to carry out all the procedures applicable to the life of the new Bolivian citizen.

With it, the newborn can obtain his or her identity card, update his or her immigration status, enroll in school, enroll in university, formalize an employment contract, join the armed forces, obtain benefits from State programs, contract social security, apply for a driver’s license, process a passport, etc.

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Original birth certificate

After 40 days after the birth, if the birth took place in a medical establishment, the Provincial Registry performs the registration ex officio. In this case, the mother must present herself and the newborn at a delegation in order to receive the birth certificate and to obtain the National Identity Card (DNI).

In the cases of in-person procedures indicated above, the procedure is carried out at the Delegation of the Provincial Registry of Persons corresponding to the place of birth or at the Delegation corresponding to the parent(s) by domicile. There are also delegations in hospitals, you can consult them by clicking on the following button.

Peruvian birth certificate

The birth certificate is an official document that certifies the date a person was born in Puerto Rico. The document is prepared by the Demographic Registry of Puerto Rico and certifies in addition to your name, place of birth, information about your parents and other details.

If you have a birth certificate, and the pattern of lines is different from the one shown, you should look for a new one at the Demographic Registry office of your convenience. You have the option of requesting a copy by mail.

You must be the registrant or an interested party of legal age to request the certificate. You may apply for yourself or your children. An attorney representing the interested party or a person who has a court or official authorization from another person to apply for a birth certificate may also apply for a birth certificate. If you are representing someone with court authorization, you must include a copy of the court order.

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To request a birth certificate by mail, download and fill out the form by clicking here.  If you wish to request it by mail, you can make the payment in money orders payable to the Secretary of the Treasury of Puerto Rico or Internal Revenue stamps only.