What is the highest coaching badge?

What is the highest coaching badge?

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The Atlético of that season has remained in everyone’s memory for its compact, vertiginous and counter-attacking style, in which the first touch game prevailed, which Radomir’s hand imprinted on the team.

His typical eleven was: Molina; Geli, Solozábal, Santi, Toni; Vizcaíno, Pantic, Simeone and Caminero; Kiko and Penev. With Milinko Pantic as free-kick taker and fantastic headers, that team turned the set-piece, including direct free-kicks, into one of their most lethal weapons. Proof of this is that more than half of the goals of the season came from set pieces.

In addition to the fast counterattacks, the quality of the men in the midfield combined with the great success of the strikers made that Atleti the sensation of the championship. In this way, the team signed what was until then its best run at the start of the league: 12 consecutive matches without losing, with nine wins and three draws.

A total of 75 goals were scored, although the defensive intensity also allowed them to shine at the back. As a result, we conceded just 32 goals, which earned Molina the Zamora Trophy.

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“Despite the additional challenge of this pandemic, our CAN must now execute. Its solemn opening ceremony is scheduled for January 9, 2022 at the Olembe sports center ” in Yaounde, stated the four signatories of the press release, specifying that CAF “Request an internationally recognized independent laboratory to test the players of the qualified national teams and their supervision.”

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The clubs fear above all the prolonged absence of African internationals selected for the competition, who will have to observe a quarantine period upon their return to Europe. Several of them therefore exert more or less pressure on their players, so that they decline selection.

In October, Algerian international Andy Delort announced that he was withdrawing from the pan-African competition to devote himself fully to his new club, OGC Nice. Djamel Belmadi, coach of the Fennecs, claimed at the time that the French Ligue 1 club “did not want its African internationals to compete in the CAN”, which he had denied, as had the player.

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The coach from Cuenca succeeds Micael Tolosa in the award on his own merits. His team arrives at the Copa Comunitelia organized this weekend with a lot of desire to enjoy and with all the options, like the rest of the teams, to win the title.

Our application Swish by NBN23 offers us endless possibilities each day to follow our favorite teams and players, leaving at your fingertips all the statistics of what happens every weekend.

The coach of Baloncesto Polígono Toledo and his team have had a spectacular start to the competition with 3 wins out of 3 possible in the league having won the title of Champions of Castilla-La Mancha in the JCCM tournament where they also managed to win all three games they had to play.

Both events featured a total of 7 presentations with the best of our region with the presence of guests at the Clinic of international relevance that made the celebration of the two events a very special day for the training of coaches.

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In total, there are 255 badges available (7 special badges, 98 adventure badges, 56 combat badges, 75 fun badges and 19 challenge badges). The available badges are as follows:

You can upload your Badge Listing below. If you don’t have one yet, fill in the tables below with the Badges you already have and click Save List below. You will then be able to review your Badge List by uploading it to this page.

96Porcelain BadgeBadge awarded to whoever is in the highest echelon of the Porcelain City gang of baddies (in the Suburbs accessible from the Porcelain Sewers in spring and summer).