What is a diploma in Policing?

What is a diploma in Policing?

Police update

In this new edition the winner of the Menina Recognition at the proposal of the Government Subdelegation in Cadiz has been the Area of Equality, Youth and Children Policies, Diversity, Housing and Coordination of Districts of the City Council of Jerez “for its constant work in the prevention and eradication of violence against women in any of its forms, and its priority attention in the assistance, protection and recovery of victims.”

“We are going to live a very special day because in this edition we have the honor of acting as hosts of these awards that are delivered at the Andalusian level, so that the city of Jerez will host the awards ceremony while recognizing its enormous commitment and good work in the fight against gender violence,” stresses José Pacheco.

It has also been worthy of one of these distinctions the sub-inspector of the National Police Jorge de las Heras Rivas, who will receive one of the eight special mentions, in the form of honorary diplomas, awarded to institutions or individuals representative in the fight against gender violence.

Courses for police officers

The Head of Technical Cooperation of the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), Tomoyuki Odani and the authorities of the National Police of Honduras, this day, closed the “Basic Community Policing Course”, which was held in the city of San Pedro Sula and Santa Rosa de Copán simultaneously from August 24 to September 4, 2015.

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The “Basic Community Policing Course” was attended by 30 members of the Metropolitan Prevention Unit (UMEP) # 5 and # 7 of the National Police of San Pedro Sula. Also, 30 police officers and Municipal Chiefs of Copán of the Departmental Unit (UDEP) # 4.

The Japanese Cooperation reiterates its willingness to continue with the close relationship of friendship, exchange lifestyles, culture and knowledge, working hand in hand to collectively build a better world for all.


Crossword puzzle, alphabet soup, the 7 differences, cryptogram, drawings to color, etc. are some of the proposed pastimes. The Nazarene National Police’s puzzle notebook also includes the solutions and a series of tips for minors to ensure their safety.

“We have made this booklet for you to have a good time. But you must not forget that your safety also depends on you. We leave you, to begin with, some tips that you can follow to take care of yourselves and help us to protect you,” explains the introduction of the pastimes of the Nazarene National Police.

From the Police Station of Dos Hermanas we want to thank the entire population “the effort being made by the residents of this town to stay in their homes, respecting the measures of confinement decreed in the State of Alarm.

Virtual courses for police officers

The course, which lasted 25 hours and was held over two weekends, was subsidized by the Department of Public Safety and taught by two instructors from the Mojácar Local Police, Gabriel Ruiz and Francisco Pérez, specialists in this area.

The Councillor for Public Safety, who expressed his satisfaction at having a “young, well trained and eager to work” Local Police staff, congratulated the Local Police officer and almost all the staff of the body for having completed the course, a course that “has been voluntary and has been developed outside working hours, which says a lot in their favor” and wished that with the training received they made a proper use of weapons.

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For their part, the teachers of the course thanked the possibility of having been able to impart this type of knowledge in the course, which has served to exchange experiences and unify criteria in this area, and congratulated all the students for having made a good performance in the course.