What does DVLA stand for?

What does DVLA stand for?

Hyundai Santa Fe 2017 – Primer Vistazo en AutoDinámico

Compruebe el historial del coche de forma gratuita, lo que le dará el informe del historial del coche gratuito más completo del mercado: información completa del registro del vehículo de la DVLA y de la ITV, fechas de vencimiento de los impuestos e información detallada del vehículo.

Para tributar su vehículo, debe tener un nuevo libro de registro o un recordatorio V11 para tributar su vehículo. Compruebe el impuesto de su vehículo para obtener más información. El impuesto NO es transferible cuando se cambia de propietario de un vehículo. Cualquier devolución pendiente será procesada automáticamente por la DVLA.

Utilice nuestro comprobador básico gratuito para ver el estado de la ITV de un coche. Cualquier taller acreditado realizará una prueba de ITV en un vehículo, que comprueba que cumple las normas de seguridad vial y medioambiental. Esto se hace cada año después del tercer aniversario de la matriculación del vehículo.


Before you can begin your driving lessons, you must first have obtained your provisional UK driving license. Without it, you will not be allowed to have any lessons, nor can you sit your Theory or practical tests.

The provisional driver’s license takes approximately 2-3 weeks to deliver from the date of application and will cost you the sum of £34.00 (if you pay online) or £43.00 (if you apply by post).

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You can apply for your license online or the traditional method using the postal service (nearby post office).  To apply using the postal service, you must complete form D1 available from your local post office or you can request the form from the DVLA Order Service.

What has changed and what has remained the same – IV CYCLE

It depends on each JPT, and in particular what the Head of Sanctions interprets; for example in my province, it is interpreted that driving with UNLICENCED or with SORN, is equivalent to lacking administrative authorization to drive (Art. 1 RGVeh.) and the vehicle is reported and immobilized, and if it does not have SOA, it is also reported. All attached to the complaint the printout of the DVLA web page with the data entered for the specific vehicle. Anyway, it depends on each JPT. Greetings.

For example, a transport or vehicle from outside the EU, once it enters here, can be reported for exceeding the masses and dimensions, even if in your country meets the requirements, since here are different.

The same applies to certain characteristics of vehicles, tires, tunnig…. or you would not denounce to a vehicle that was to free exhaust or emitted great quantity of fumes only because in its country of origin does not exist regulations of emissions of co2 as it happens with several of the sub-Saharan countries.

D V L A – Luna

We’ll call you back926 22 84 53Published: 22/11/2019Are you taking your car to England from Alicante? Then it would do you good to familiarize yourself with some terms such as DVLA, MOT or car tax. If you are going to be a driver in British territory, you will have to know what we are talking about in order to comply with the regulations established in this country in terms of traffic.

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With these concepts well defined, it will be easier for you to adapt to the British rules and customs. If you need professionals to take your car to England, we recommend you to contact MC Vehículos – Transcalyguz. We will make it easy for you, trust us.

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