What certificates are required to sell a house?

What certificates are required to sell a house?

Household papers

Before starting the process, it is necessary to be clear about what you will need. There are many people who decide to put their house on the market and do not know what information they should have available for potential visitors.

What qualities should potential buyers know that cannot be seen with the naked eye: there are things that can only be perceived when you live in the house, do you have quiet neighbors, can you see the sunset, think of everything!

and the information about who is the president of the community of neighbors or the agency in charge of managing the community, is also information that is convenient to have at hand at the time of beginning with the sale process. It will avoid possible future delays at the time of signing.

This document accredits the name of the owner and the possible types of existing charges such as mortgage or other affections.  In the case that nothing is owed to the bank, in the Nota Simple of the property it must appear that the property is free of encumbrances. The Nota Simple must be current (less than 3 months old).

Taxes on the sale of a property

The sale of a house is a process that requires following some steps and managing a series of documents. Some of these papers are obligatory, since without them the notary will not authorize the sale at the notary’s office, but there are others that are only essential depending on the situation or the location of the apartment.

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But what are the procedures that are mandatory to sell the house? What other documents may be required and in which cases? From the financial comparator HelpMyCash.com they give answer to both questions.

In the case that the sellers are a married couple with matrimonial chapters (pact between the parts that modifies or defines the economic matrimonial regime) this document will also have to be presented at the moment of the signature, together with the title of property.

But how do you obtain the energy certificate? You will have to hire a certifying technician. This one will have to visit your house to elaborate a report that, later, will have to register before the corresponding organism so that it has validity and to obtain the energy label (efficiency note that goes from the letter A to the letter G). The price? It is usually variable, since it depends on the location and the professional chosen, but, in general, it is around 100 euros.

Requirements for selling a house

The energy efficiency certificate is mandatory since 2013 to sell houses. It is a document that specifies the annual energy consumption of the property and is validated with a label on which will come marked with a letter, it can be between A which means that the property is very energy efficient and G, which means that the property is very little energy efficient.

If the property you are selling has a mortgage, you need to contact your bank to arrange with them the settlement at the time of signing at the notary’s office. They will take care of issuing the Certificate of outstanding debt.

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The Nota simple is a document that proves that the property is registered in the Land Registry, in which you can find in a summarized form the most important data about the property. For example, the location, the identity of the owner, the description of the property and its nature as well as if the property has any encumbrances or restrictions. Although the Nota Simple only has an informative value, it has a great value.

It is possible to sell a house without plans

The fact of selling a private property is a task that, if you do not have all the necessary information and help, can cause headaches. Among the most repeated questions, the one related to the essential documentation to start the process of selling apartments and houses stands out. We tell you which are the most important ones. Pay attention!

As its name indicates, every time that a property is acquired, this title is provided as a reliable proof of the acquisition of this one. This will be the one that demonstrates that the property is yours, which will give you the power to carry out any real estate operation on it.

At the time of selling a property, it has to fulfill the technical and hygienic-sanitary requirements that guarantee the minimum conditions of habitability of a property. At present there are three types:

This tax is the one that the property must pay annually, as long as it is not contemplated within an exception (belonging to the State or an Autonomous Community).    With this document it will be confirmed that the payment is made, thus assuming the following receipt the buyer. You will be able to obtain it from the competent administration of your autonomous community.

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