Is it illegal to export cars?

Is it illegal to export cars?

Exporting cars to Germany

Among the different options for selling a vehicle available to you, perhaps exporting cars is the most complex, and requires a series of steps that you must follow meticulously so that everything goes as it should.

Step 2. Traffic will cancel the vehicle’s registration certificate, making a note on it indicating that the reason for the cancellation is because you are going to sell the car for export, and will return it to you together with the ITV card.

You should know… In the ICO or in CESCE you can find information on which are the methods of payment in the international operations and on the different possibilities of assuring a collection of these characteristics.

For example, we offer you the possibility to obtain an estimate and the final sale price of your car. Visit our website and get your car appraised in just a few minutes by entering some data in the online tool.

You don’t lose anything by trying it and you can save yourself more than one headache. In just a few clicks you can get the final selling price for which you can sell your car directly without leaving your home.

How much does it cost to import a car to spain

It is currently possible to make immediate international transfers (in 10 seconds) and with a limit of 15,000 euros, but not all banks are adhered to this system. It is convenient to consult with our bank.

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It is always advisable to request the vehicle’s service book. Although it is true, more and more manufacturers are opting for the digital service book, especially in fairly recent vehicles. In the case of a brand such as Mercedes-Benz, since October 2012 it has been incorporating the digital service book in its entire range. In such a case, we can ask the seller to ask the official dealer for a copy of the inspections performed.

After almost 1,200 kms and a long trip, it is time to clean our car thoroughly to make it look as good as new. Our windshield and front of the vehicle will be full of German, Swiss, French and native insects. Don’t even think of removing them with kitchen scouring pads! I discovered the following article that eliminates them in a magic way and taking care of the bodywork. It is of German manufacture, it is not the cheapest, but I assure you that it is the best I have tried:

Documents for exporting a vehicle

This means between one million and 1.2 million units, half of which were sent through rent-a-car companies in the Balearic Islands, while the rest were distributed between Andalusia and the Canary Islands, the other two Autonomous Communities where this activity is strongly rooted due to tourism.

This was possible because the Tax Agency allows rental companies to be exempt from paying registration tax, as long as the vehicle is kept for six months in the activity for which it is intended: rent-a-car.

And, all this, despite the fact that it was a fraudulent business, in which the Treasury “did not get involved because the Ministry of Industry manufactured many cars”, which seemed interesting for almost everyone, clarified the president of the rent-a-car companies’ employers’ association.

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Export of used vehicles

The UN warns that the export of millions of used cars from Europe, the United States and Japan to developing countries contributes significantly to climate change and calls for international regulations to control it.

“Cleaning up the global vehicle fleet is a priority for achieving global and local air quality and climate goals,” said UNEP Executive Director Inger Andersen at the launch of the report. In her view, developed countries “must stop exporting vehicles that fail environmental and safety inspections and are no longer considered roadworthy in their own countries,” while importing nations “must introduce stricter quality standards.”