Is CSCS test hard?

Is CSCS test hard?

Personal trainer certificate

I am thinking of getting it but looking at I see that first you have to pass the healthy and safety test. then it says that to get the card you have to give the details of your current employeer. can’t you get it without being working?

@Mdlmares, that is a card that is required to work on site in the UK. Unless you are a quantity surveyor, or in the construction industry, it is not something interesting. Even I, who am in it, am bored out of my mind.

@Mdlmares, that’s a card they require to work on site in the UK. Unless you’re a quantity surveyor, or in construction, it’s not interesting. Even for me, who is in it, it bores the hell out of me.

The “CSCS card” in the UK is the way to validate both your knowledge of health and safety at work and your skills and experience in your industry. From my own experience I have to say that without it is almost impossible to get an interview as most Employers require it to apply for an offer. I also tell you that it is required for anyone who wants to register to enter a work in the UK, that is to say that includes from assistants to architects and there are many other sectors that are beginning to include it in their entry requirements.


To work in the UK in the construction sector, it is mandatory to have the CSCS – Construction Skills Certification Scheme – card and in most cases, to be registered as self-employed in the UK, as many companies hire on a construction site basis.

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To obtain the British NVQ (vocational training) qualifications, there are also many academies that offer courses. I leave you one in the city of Kent that offers all kinds of courses, but there are in all cities. The question is to look for the one that best suits you in price and location:

Nsca spain

To give you an idea, within the Scrum Alliance the CSC certification has the same level of importance and prestige as the CST (Certified Scrum Trainer). But being a Trainer is clearly not the same as being a Coach. There are similarities, but also differences. Both complement each other.

In summary: this is the highest and most rigorous certification that exists in the agile world today, and the attempt to make a “well done” certification by the Scrum Alliance, a non-profit organization that bears the burden of having created the Certified ScrumMaster (CSM) program that is highly criticized for its low value (it only certifies that you attended a two-day course – but see below about the future of the program).

Personally, I have always recommended (and continue to recommend) that all CSMs apply for the CSP (Certified Scrum Practitioner) which is a peer reviewed certification and therefore of more tangible value. I recommend my clients to hire CSPs for ScrumMaster and Product Owner positions.


Initially, personal trainers did not need to be certified or have a degree in exercise science to practice. They could develop enthusiasm for exercise, get a job at a local gym, and charge for their private sessions and services.

Disorganization among the personal trainer space continued for a while until standard measures were implemented to ensure that their practitioners actually underwent standard training and became certified with widely accepted certifications approved by the NCCA (National Commission for Certifying Agencies) prior to practice as a professional. personal trainers.

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The NCCA, which stands for National Commission for Certifying Agencies, is an independent non-governmental agency established in 1989 that sets the standard for professional certification programs through NCCA accreditation.

An NCCA certification is a standard for certification programs and helps improve confidence in certification to ensure that the trainer is current and competent in the fitness field.