Is certificate of naturalization acceptable for I 9 form?

Is certificate of naturalization acceptable for I 9 form?

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The Immigration Reform and Control Act requires all U.S. employers to verify the employment eligibility and identity of all their employees as of November 6, 1986. This includes both identity and employment eligibility.

It is the employer’s responsibility to ensure that proper documentation is provided for each new employee hired after November 6, 1986. There are large penalties for failure to provide Form I-9 for all employees when requested. The employer has the right to refuse to continue the employee’s employment. There are some exceptions as to who the Form I-9 applies to, such as independent contractors, employees hired from employment agencies, and employees hired before November 7, 1986.

What is i9

6. Valid official identity document with photo/signature of the parents (For example, Chilean passport or identity card) in original. You must also bring a photocopy of both sides of each parent’s document.

9. If a parent cannot be present when the form is submitted, he or she must complete and sign before a notary the Parental Consent Form DS-3053. We can accept this form in cases where a parent is truly unable to come to the Embassy (e.g., he or she is out of the country).    Please ask the notary to attach a copy of your identification to the signed and notarized DS 3053 form. Any U.S. Embassy or Consulate can notarize this document free of charge, so it is recommended that you notarize it at the nearest U.S. Embassy or Consulate if you are out of the country. Please note that a separate form is required for each applicant.

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Regulatory Changes Implemented in 2019 and Some Impacts: New EB-5 visa program rules wereimplemented by DHS on November 21, 2019 and highlights of the changes were as follows:

One of the harmful practices they refer to is the inclusion of large city areas as less privileged within the American territory, the so-called Targeted Employment Areas- TEAs.

The intent of this program is to benefit local workers, boost the economy and help communities in need by attracting foreign capital investment in the United States. EB-5 remains the most substantial pathway for those who want to obtain a green card. It is highly sought after by those who want to not only live in the U.S., but invest and have a thriving business.

USCIS FILING FEES ARE SET TO INCREASE ON OCTOBER 2, 2020.    Judge Jeffrey White of the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California temporarily blocked scheduled USCIS fee increases from taking place nationwide on September 30, 2020. The fees were set to increase by as much as60% on some immigration petitions. All who think they might want to file immigration petitions and applications for family members or employees should consider acting immediately because temporary injunctions by courts do not necessarily mean that USCIS will not prevail in the end; and if so, analysis of the fee increases below (for a select group of petitions) could be the potential USCIS fee increases scheduled below might be necessary to file the following immigration petitions and applications:

I 9 instructions

To make a successful citizenship application, it is important to make sure you keep your renewed residence permit on time. You should allow enough time to facilitate your appointment with GNIB in time to renew your permit before it expires. Otherwise, if you delay, you may create a gap in residence permits, thus creating a scenario whereby your residence is not considered continuous residence for the purposes of your citizenship/naturalization application.

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Non-EEA citizens should complete the online residency calculator when submitting their citizenship applications. They should also enter the dates of their registration stamps to ensure they are eligible and this should be attached to the application. If the client is unsure of their stamps, we can write to GNIB to obtain a reasonable residency letter with all their stamps in the state and dates of registration. We always offer to do this when the client is unsure.

In relation to the application fee, the Department does not accept money orders and Bank of Ireland will not deliver a bank draft for less than €500. Therefore, a different bank must be used to purchase the money order.