Is a PWP a core profession?

Is a PWP a core profession?

How to make a professional power point presentation

Most people have already had contact with PowerPoint at least once in their lives. However, despite being very well known, there are few people who really know how to take advantage of all the resources to make PowerPoint presentations.

If you are a digital entrepreneur, it is essential that you know how to make good presentations, mainly to create demos or pitches of your product intended for conferences or even create ebooks.

When you select this field, several types of slides will appear: Title Slide, Title and Content, Section Header, among others. You should click on the one that shows the structure you want for each particular slide.

For example, if you need a content slide, select the Blank option. If it is an introductory slide, select Title only so that the slide is already generated with the appropriate format.

Depending on your computer model, you can also drag a picture directly from the folder to the slide. To do this, simply right-click it at the place of origin and drop it on the desired slide.

Professional Training

Nowadays, the knowledge of basic computer tools such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Internet is more than a necessity, it is a mandatory requirement of any profession, as it is the current way to communicate and organize work and personal documents.

A self-study course is characterized by the construction of an autonomous, collaborative, self-regulated, rhizomatic and situated learning. The student builds his knowledge based on various activities and questionnaires designed to develop skills and competencies, while using resources found on the platform: learning objects, readings, videos, websites, among others.

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Free power point presentations

Slides are also called filmstrips because they are obtained by cutting out frames from a film and placing them in square frames (in the case of 35 mm film, the frames are 5 cm on each side).

Ektachrome and Fujichrome slide films are easily processed in various cities and in professional photographic studios, and there are home development kits available. In addition, both follow the standard E-6 process.

Slides are less forgiving of exposure errors than negatives. With this type of film, the overall value can be detected after processing, controlling the exposure of the positive image to compensate for it.

Reversal processing,[1] basically consists of seven steps: first developing, bleaching, bleach cleaning, second exposure of the film, second developing, fixing and stabilizing; between each of the steps it is advisable to rinse the film well with water, this rinsing being essential between the first developing and bleaching. The developers used are black and white developers, which can be either film or paper developers – each developer gives a different character to the result, each developer needs (logically) different developing times and, most probably, each developer needs a different exposure time of the film.

Power point

Completion of the course during fiscal year 2022. Be a worker hired in the general regime and send the registration documentation (not valid for self-employed and civil servants). Title you will get

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