How much does it cost to do damp proofing?

How much does it cost to do damp proofing?

Price for waterproofing roof

The cost per square meter to waterproof a surface can vary between $140.00 and $275.00 MXN. This cost depends on the materials to be used, the chosen waterproofing system and the area where you want to apply it.

It is very important the visit of a specialized technician or professional that will make the best recommendation as for the waterproofing system that adapts better to the state of the surface and to your economy.

Nowadays, both asphaltic and elastomeric waterproofing products are produced not only packaged, but also in thick sheets that contain all the elements for a long-lasting waterproofing and are known as prefabricated.

Normally the buckets of waterproofing (18-20L) yield 1-1.5m2/L applying two coats. For 60m2 you would need approximately 3 buckets of this amount, plus material to repair cracks, such as mortar for this purpose.

According to your question, depending on the material you require and the state of the area to work on, since there are different ways of working such as prefabricated or acrylic, but prices range between $130.00 and $200.00 MXN, it is an average.

Waterproofing price per m2 2021

The extension of the surface to be waterproofed will be fundamental since the labor cost is calculated on this basis, generally per m². The material may or may not be included in this rate. However, a comprehensive service that includes the supply of the material is usually more convenient.

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There is a wide variety of materials for waterproofing roofs. Costs vary depending on quality, weather resistance and ease of application, among others. Let’s look at a few types:

How much does it cost to waterproof per square meter in monterrey in 2020?

Our Prices per square meter for Waterproofing in 2021How much does it cost to Waterproof a Roof or Terrace?  The average cost of a waterproofing by Hostec, a specialized company in Barcelona, is 40 €/m2.

Below you will find our best average market prices to end the humidities, leaks and filtrations in Roofs and Terraces with the best quality/price ratio.Budget and Price m2 Waterproofing in Barcelona: Roofs and TerracesPrice m2 Waterproofing Inverted Roof from 22 €/m2The roofs of large buildings or single-family houses are usually inverted roofs in which the upper part can be seen gravel.

The waterproofing of inverted roofs is done by applying a waterproof sheet that is then protected with a geotextile and porex (XPS) or extruded polystyrene to finally dump the gravel on top.

The waterproof layer of a terrace can be made of various materials but what will make its price lower or higher will be the initial state in which it is and the final finish layer chosen by the customer. Do you want a quote?

Waterproofing price per m2 2021 colombia

Prefabricated waterproofing systems require the use of specialized installation equipment and skilled labor, so they are usually more expensive than liquid asphalt and liquid acrylic systems.

As we have mentioned in other articles, pricing these systems requires consideration of both the quality of the prefabricated membrane and some construction/project factors and conditions.

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Keeping in mind that each project may have variations in price depending on its particular conditions, we share with you the average market prices for high end/high quality prefabricated waterproofing systems applied by a certified installer: