How long does it take to get a replacement degree certificate?

Legalizing a university degree

Credits may be recognized for participation in university cultural, sports, student representation, solidarity and cooperation activities (articles 1 and 6 to 11).

When no qualification is recorded in the subjects of origin, the recognized credits will appear with the qualification of “Apto”, in accordance with the provisions of the Resolution of June 27, 2014 of the Governing Council (article 3.3).

Those who have completed university Master’s degree studies may obtain recognition of credits in Bachelor’s degree studies provided that there is adequacy in the competencies associated with the subjects of the Master’s degree and the Bachelor’s degree whose recognition is requested (article 4.6).

Recognition of credits in University Master’s studies1. The recognition of credits for studies taken in University Master’s Degrees at any university will be made by subjects or subjects according to the adequacy between the knowledge and competencies acquired and those foreseen in the Master’s Degree to which the student wishes to gain access (article 16).

Complutense Degree

The SET can be applied for by those who have finished their studies from the academic year 2002-2003 and whose study plan was in force on September 12, 2003, being a plan structured in credits.

As a previous and necessary step to start the application process for the Degree, the original Proceedings corresponding to the subjects/credits that were missing for the applicant to finish his/her studies must be deposited at the Secretary’s Office.

Likewise, in those cases where applicable, the student’s transcript must show proof of the level of knowledge of a foreign language as determined by the verification report of the study plan for which the degree is being applied for.

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Once the student has passed the university studies, he/she must apply for the issuance of the respective official university degree at the electronic office of the University of Cordoba.

In any case, it is important that in the application form the accents in the surname and/or name are expressly indicated, if applicable, so that the aforementioned data appear correctly in the degree.

Application for an official ucm degree

DPS will provide a replacement DL or ID card at no cost to residents in the impacted counties, provided they had previously received a Texas ID or DL card. Customers living in the impacted counties are encouraged to bring any ID and residency documents they have in their possession. (Replacement identification would normally cost $11.)

Eligible cardholders will need to visit a driver license office in person to obtain a free replacement DL or Texas ID. To find a driver license office near you, visit Since DPS driver license offices have also been affected by the flooding, please check the website before arriving at an office to make sure it is open.

In addition, residents in these same counties with outstanding DRP surcharges will not be required to make payments for 60 days, effective immediately. No action is required by the customer; DPS will implement the change internally. For additional information on the DRP program, visit

Universidad Complutense degree

Since April 20, no CAP Certificates have been issued, since it has been replaced by an entry in the Register of Transport Companies and Activities – REAT, in accordance with Royal Decree 284/2021, of April 20, which regulates the initial qualification and continuous training of drivers of certain vehicles used for road transport.

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We do not provide information by telephone on the status of CAP Card files since the identity of the person making the query, the privacy and integrity of communications cannot be guaranteed.

If you detect errors in the data of a CAP Card or in the student’s data entered in the system, you must initiate a data modification file in the Electronic Headquarters of the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda, “Management of the training of professional drivers (CAP)”.

If it is not possible for you to modify a specific piece of information directly in the application, provide the electronic file with a document requesting such a change, together with the documentation supporting your request.