How high can ATR fly?

How high can ATR fly?

Atr-72 avianca

Representatives and pilots from local airlines were on board during the demonstration to learn first-hand about the aircraft’s operational capabilities and the innovations that make its high performance possible.

ATR estimates that China will need 1,100 turboprop aircraft to serve its developing regional (300) and general aviation (800) segments. Regional aircraft currently account for only 2% of the regional fleet in China, compared to an average of 25% worldwide. As a result, regional routes are often operated inefficiently by large aircraft, requiring significant subsidies to allow airlines to recover, while economical ATR turboprops may be the ideal solution.

Atr 72-600 specifications

Many times I have seen comments or readers have asked me if flying a propeller-driven aircraft is safe or not, a very understandable question given that users do not know in detail the operation of these engines.

I will not go into the technical details of how the engines work, but rather expand on what was already covered in the special Fear of Flying Part 1 of this blog, where we talked briefly about the safety of propeller-driven aircraft operation.

Currently, there are several types of airplanes and these are powered by different types of engines, all extensively tested and certified by the different world aeronautical authorities, thus ensuring their efficiency, performance and above all, safety.

The most modern propeller-driven airplanes actually have turboprop engines, which are gasoline jet engines that drive a propeller, where approximately 90% of the thrust is produced by the propellers and the remaining 10% by the exhaust gases. That said, modern propeller engines have equivalent technology to jet aircraft engines and therefore safety.

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Atr 72

TAP Air Portugal is the first airline in the world to fly the new Airbus A330-900neo. This aircraft is equipped with the Airbus cabin airspace, as well as being innovative is even quieter and spacious with lighting is perfected and adapted for each phase of the flight, making a significant contribution to the comfort of passengers. It has state of the art full lie-flat seats in business class and more spacious and ergonomic in economy.

In addition to the Airbus A321neo being better equipped, more comfortable and more modern than its predecessor, it is also more efficient. It consumes up to 15% less fuel than the A321 and is more flexible in terms of operation, which means it can fly longer routes.

The Airbus A340-300 has maximum comfort and onboard services in the quietest cabin. It has four engines and operates independently of the restrictions of twin jets, allowing direct flights to destinations.

Within the A320 family, the Airbus A321 is the largest and most efficient. This single-aisle aircraft is the most widely marketed in this category. Comfortable, efficient and versatile, these aircraft are used for both short-haul and intercontinental destinations.

Atr 42

Our trip from Tenerife to El Hierro began in the sky, aboard an ATR 72 aircraft, a fantastic adventure prelude to the wonders we would see on the island of El Hierro, under whose spell we fell already from the air.

We flew over the island of Tenerife, we recognize the abrupt shapes of Anaga, the coastline that cuts into the Atlantic, the sea of clouds that today lets us see a good part of the island. And the propeller that moves producing a special noise, different from that of larger aircraft. This brave ATR 72 reaches a constant speed, allowing us to contemplate the north of Tenerife, the places we had been visiting these past days, now from the skies.

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Other images from another trip come to our mind, in Madeira, when a larger plane made a turn about to touch the sea giving us the impression that it would land on the water. But what it was doing was positioning itself to land at the once complicated Funchal airport. In the past the runway was shorter, now they lengthened it showing us a marvel of engineering, the runway over viaducts. Also in Madeira they fly the best, we were able to see for ourselves.