How do you become a Catholic if you are already baptized?

Can I baptize my child without the father?

What do godparents give? Many times they pay for the mass, the candle, clothes and blanket. You could say that this is the indispensable plus the bolo for the celebration. As for whether or not they pay for things for the party, that will be an agreement between the 4 people involved.

The Conch – This is what the Father will use to drop the holy water on your baby’s head. Many of us prefer to bring our own and keep it as a souvenir, but ask if you need it or not.

In almost all cases that same day at the end of the ceremony, they will have the Baptismal Certificate ready for you (in other cases you may have to pick it up later). It is a paper that states that in the Church with the name “X” the baby “X” has been baptized by “X” and his godparents were “X” with the feeling of the parents “X and X”. Keep it very well!!! because then going back to the Church or taking it out again is a show, and if you want to continue with the sacraments, you will surely be asked for it!

Can a couple of two women or two men be godparents at baptism? or can a couple who were not married in the Church be godparents? I shouldn’t write this, but since it’s my blog, I do it haha. Actually I have a brother and my husband has a brother too and we wanted them both to be godparents, this is always a dispute between who should be and who should not. So we talked to the church and they said yes, both of them could pass (WARNING: it is very difficult for them to let you) but the condition was that only one will be written in the baptismal certificate as godfather. This didn’t matter to us since both acted as godparents throughout the ceremony and whatever is on a piece of paper, no one will know. What about couples who were not married in the church? Well, in some churches, they give you a resounding NO. In others they say that both of you can come to hold the baptized person and present yourselves as godparents at the altar but only one of us would be written in the baptismal certificate.

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For different Christian Churches such as the Catholic, Orthodox, some historic Protestant as the Anglican, among others, baptism is considered a sacrament.[2] For the Anabaptists and Christian fundamentalism, on the other hand, it is considered an “ordinance of Christ.”[2] For the Anabaptists and Christian fundamentalism, for their part, it is considered an “ordinance of Christ.”[2

“He is baptized the servant of God (name…) in the name of the Father, Amen, and of the Son, Amen, and of the Holy Spirit, Amen”, as an example of the Byzantine rite of the Orthodox and other Eastern Churches.[6][7][8][8][8][8][9][9][10][10][11][11][11][12][12][12][12][12

Among the Pharisees of the first century, the custom of immersing proselytes in water after circumcision was widespread, a rite that implied the neophyte’s ability to access the sacrifices and participate in the worship of the Temple.[9] The Council of Trent declared that the neophyte was to be immersed in water.

The Council of Trent declared that the baptism of Christ was different from that of John.[12][13]And in the decree Lamentabili, the Holy Office clarified that the sacrament of baptism could not be considered an evolved rite from those used by ancient religions or by Judaism.[14] The Council of Trent declared that the sacrament of baptism was different from that of John.[15][16][17][18][19][19][20

Requirements for baptizing an adult in the Catholic Church

II. Baptism in the Economy of Salvation The Prefigurations of Baptism in the Old Covenant 1217 In the liturgy of the Easter Vigil, when the baptismal water is blessed, the Church solemnly recalls the great events of salvation history that already prefigured the mystery of Baptism:

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“O God, who in your sacraments do wondrous works by your invisible power, and in various ways have made use of your creature water to signify the grace of Baptism” (Easter Vigil, Blessing of Water: Roman Missal).

1218 From the origin of the world, water, a humble and admirable creature, is the source of life and fruitfulness. Sacred Scripture says that the Spirit of God “hovered” over it (cf. Gen 1:2):

1219 The Church has seen in Noah’s ark a prefiguration of salvation through baptism. Indeed, by means of it “a few, that is, eight persons, were saved through water” (1 Pet 3:20):

“O God, who even in the torrential waters of the flood prefigured the birth of the new humanity, so that one and the same water put an end to sin and gave birth to holiness (Easter Vigil, Blessing of the water: Roman Missal).

Up to what age can a baby be baptized in the Catholic Church?

First the priest welcomes the parents and godparents of the baby (or person to be baptized), pronounces a few words and asks the name by which the child will be baptized. The parents must admit that they wish to baptize their child and that they will educate him/her in the faith. In addition, the godparents must confirm that they will assist the parents in this task.

The next stage is the Liturgy of the Word , where the priest proclaims the word of God while the attendees listen seated.Then begins the stage of Celebration of the Sacrament of Baptism , which includes the following phases:1. Litany of the Saints2. Prayer of Exorcism3. Pre-Baptismal Anointing4. Blessing and invocation to God over water5. Renunciations and profession of faith6. Baptism7. Anointing with chrism8. Imposition of the white vestment9. Presentation of the candle

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Baptism is a one time step of faith with all your heart and mind, once you are baptized you have or must serve God faithfully following God’s way without deviating from his way to be a 100% Christian, your way of acting, speaking and dressing will show if you really are or not a true Christian, be faithful to God.