How do UK universities verify certificates?

How do UK universities verify certificates?

Work visa in the United Kingdom

Royal Decree 1081/1989, of August 28, 1989, regulating the recognition of certificates, diplomas and other qualifications in the field of Architecture, of the Member States of the European Economic Community, as well as the effective exercise of the right of establishment and the freedom to provide services.

2. The qualification as Architect of the interested parties referred to in the previous paragraph shall be proved by means of a certificate issued by the Member State of origin or the Member State from which the beneficiaries come.

The verification that the diplomas, certificates and other titles issued to nationals of the Member States of the European Economic Community correspond to some of those that appear in the lists included as annexes I and II of the present Royal Decree or respond to the assumptions contemplated in the third, fourth and fifth articles of the same one, as well as the verification of their authenticity, will be carried out by the Ministry of Education and Science. In case of justified doubt, the aforementioned Ministry will request from the corresponding authority of the State of origin the confirmation of the authenticity of the diploma, certificate or title and, if applicable, of the fulfillment of the corresponding training requirements.

How to homologate my degree in the UK

The IB final transcript shows the student’s full name, date of birth, the name of the school, the subjects in which the student enrolled and the final grade obtained in each subject. For students in the Diploma and Repeater categories, the total score achieved and the overall DP result are also shown.

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For current students, if your chosen institution or university has opted to receive your final IB transcripts through our secure website, you will receive them as soon as your results are published (or, in the case of graduates, as soon as your application has been processed by the IB). Otherwise, a hard copy of the final transcript will be mailed to you.

If your child’s grades have changed as a result of a remediation review request, you should not be concerned. If the final grades change after the university has received the final transcript, the IB will send a new transcript free of charge.

Chileans in the UK

This time we will talk about different ways to make the process of obtaining the necessary documents to apply to British universities easier and more efficient. Specifically, we will deal with the documents that are essential to be able to apply. We will not go into detail about what each document is but you can review this with your Across the Pond advisor and we will focus on practical advice on what you will need to do to have the essential documents to study in the UK.

If you have not yet completed your degree, request a copy of your most recent partial transcript, but please check that your GPA is included so far. Send the complete transcript in 1 file. It can be Black and White. Single files with one sheet per file will not be accepted.

The maximum weight per file supported by the systems is 900 K. This document must be translated by an official translator, it is NOT necessary to apostille or convert the final GPA to another format, the format used in your country will be fine.

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Universities in England for foreigners

As of Sunday, August 8 at 4:00 am GMT, Mexico will be added to the list of countries on the “red list” of countries with travel restrictions to enter England. Therefore, from that moment on, the rules of the British authorities for the countries on that list will have to be followed, which can be consulted here:

For this reason, both authorities and universities in the United Kingdom are in dialogue in order to identify solutions for international students, including those coming from Mexico, so that they can carry out their studies in person in the country.

At this time, the main suggestion is for students to be in contact with their universities, which will be able to offer them guidance and will be in charge of offering them the options that are being agreed upon in this effort.

For those students who are in transit to Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Channel Islands, or Isles of Man, it is recommended to be aware of and follow the established rules for testing and quarantine requirements in each of these nations and territories.

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